Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 19th day of November, 2014.

Tonight I work my first Wednesday night at the store.

Now begins the schedule of working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights and then Sundays.

I wonder how many people shop on a Wednesday night ….. guess I will find out this evening.

With it being the start of the holiday shopping season ….. I am sure there will be people out and about.

Our weather is still mild here in Edmonton which has been great.

My daughter and I had a great walk with the puppies last night.

They ran and ran …… so cute.

Oh what a life they have …….

Has this been a good week?

I started with conflicting feelings and trying to pull myself back to the light …..

I managed on Tuesday to change things around and everything worked out.

It makes a huge difference if you are feeling good and keeping your thoughts and actions going in a positive direction.

Now I know we are human and humans for some reason cannot seem to stay positive and happy at all times.

We are drawn in by our “ego self” and surroundings.

Perhaps things may not always work out perfectly but they sure can be close.

It is all a mindset.

Change your mind and change your life.

I remember a famous person stating that mantra.

It is so true.

I am so grateful to be living the life that I do.

Filled with love and laughter and so much more.

So on this Wednesday I hope that you find kindness and joy all around and if not create it.

Smile ….. open a door ….. buy someone a coffee …… help a neighbour …… LET US DO SOME GOOD THINGS ….. NO, LET US DO SOME GREAT THINGS TODAY.

Special Hello to: my friends who always stand beside me ….. not ahead or aback.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 17th day of November, 2014.

Well another weekend packed away in the memory banks.

It was a great one and very busy.

That seems to be the state of my life as of life.

I can sum it up easily in one word “B-U-S-Y.”

Now busy can be tagged as negative or extremely positive or a combination of both.

Depends on how you look at it.

I tend to think of it as extremely positive…

The more busy I am the more I have accomplished.

Between a full-time job and a part-time job that has increased hours from 12 to 20 over the past month, home to look after, my Alvin, our jewellery, writing my blog and time for me….. well it is plum, busy.

I do like to be busy.

Luckily at this time my daughter and son-in-law are living with me while their new house is being built.

With them here I am able to keep this hectic schedule.

I do remember to take some time for me ….. likely less than it should be but I do take some.

I do love working at the store.

It does take a couple of shifts to get back into the “holiday mode.”

So that is my life at the moment.

Busy but wonderful.

I hope that you have a great Monday.

Special Hello to: all you folks out there who are working multiple jobs, keeping a home and trying to maintain your sanity.

All I can say is “take one day at a time.”

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Last night I chatted on the phone with my BFF Linda from back in Regina.

It was so wonderful to finally catch up with her.

We both lead busy lives and somedays as you all know ….. time just gets away on us.

If you think about it for a second.

Weren’t you going to call Aunt Mary or Cousin Fran, your BFF or perhaps your Mom or Sister or Brother?

Time continues on no matter what is going on with our lives.

So we must make the time for those important calls.

When you think of someone take a minute or two and send that communication …. however you do (phone, e-mail, cell or text… JUST DO IT.

I know that the person on the other end of the “line” will be so grateful and happy that you did.

So on this Friday morning as I write these few words …. I am so grateful that my BFF took the time out of her busy schedule to call me.

It was absolutely FANTASTIC.

Have a wonderful, blessed, great, happy, amazing, awesome FRIDAY and weekend everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S. HELLO to:  Cindy, John, Tyler, Dara, Troy, Paulette, Taylor, Diana, Danielle, Ingrid, Cindy, Wayne, Jeannette, Pat M, Mary Lynn, Deanna, Ladies Group and all my “PEEPS” ……… YOU ARE ALL IMPORTANT TO ME.


Thought for the day……

I just have to share this with all of you.  Yesterday after work I was waiting to catch the bus.  It was very hot, and you could definitely feel it standing on the sidewalk with the hot asphalt melting nearby.  While waiting and wondering about the bus schedule as it had recently changed,  I got to chatting with a nice woman.  Somehow during the course of the conversation she asked me the following question?  “So, what country are you from?”  Well, I darn near broke out into a small bout of laughter but I contained myself.  I replied “Saskatchewan” ….. you know Alberta’s neighbour. She smiled and I thought to myself this is truly a “multiculturalist society” …  How grand!    Just for that conversation, and that question alone made waiting in the hot sun for the bus worthwhile.  I wished that I would have thought quickly enough to have asked her that very question.  We continued chatting until the bus arrived, and then stood from downtown to West Ed Mall.  It was hot but I smiled to myself the whole time. I was just thinking that I do not even have to travel to a foreign country to have someone think that I am a foreigner.

Thought for the day …… “sometimes all you have to do is wait for a bus” ……

Have a great great Friday…

Always, Carol

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