Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Wednesday the 23rd day of May, 2018.

I started to key/type Tuesday the 22nd day of May, 2018 before I realized that it was mid week already.

WOW, when Monday is a stat holiday and you take Tuesday as a vacation day, the week really goes by quickly.

Yesterday we went for a walk bright and early (for us) before it got too warm.

Chatted with my sister a couple of times via FB messenger, which was nice.

We really had a quiet day and enjoyed my last day of vacation.

Back to work today.

But what a short week.

Can only imagine what it would be like to be home all of the time, retired.

Getting up when you chose to.

Taking on whatever projects you wanted to as money and time were not an object.

Does everything always boil down to time and or money?

Most of the time unfortunately it does.

But the choices we make bring us to the places of arrival.

The bright blue sky of a few minutes ago on the north side of the house has diminished somewhat due to some cloud cover at the south side of the house.

What a difference a few feet can make.

I have the windows open and you can hear the roar of vehicles on the nearby highway as folks travel to and from work.

Today is to be plus 30 degrees celsius.


So on this Wednesday I am going to continue to dream.

I dream of the day when I will retire.

Sleeping in if I wish.

Taking on whatever projects I wish as I will have more time.

But not to lose sight of today and making the most of each second, minute and hour.


Well here it is almost time to leave for work.

I hope that you all had a great long weekend.

Happy Wednesday.


Special Hello to:  my sister.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 3rd day of March, 2016.

Tonight after work I am meeting some long time friends from Saskatoon.

I worked with “L” and we have known each other for over thirty-five years.

When they moved to Saskatoon and I lived in Regina ….. we did not see each other very often.

But when they came to visit family near Regina he would always make sure that he stopped by for a coffee and visit.

So I was very excited when he called to say they were coming to Edmonton and would be staying at the Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall.

I can just step off the bus after work at the mall and we can have supper together.

My daughter is going to pick up Alvin and he will be going for a sleepover to their house.

She volunteered for them to do the hair cut this time …. which is great for me.

It is a big job for one person especially since he does not like getting his paws trimmed.

I will miss the little guy but will be good for him to take a short road trip and see the rest of the family.

My daughter (such a wonderful girl) … said she would bring him home in time for his appointment Saturday morning and we can have coffee before we go.

Am I not the luckiest woman on the planet.


Well here we go again almost time to leave for work.

How does that happen, really?

Each second just evaporates into the next.


I hope that you have a fantastic day.

Perhaps you will see old friends or just go visit a new one.

Take some time today and reach out to a friend or family member.


Special Hello to:   my daughter and son-in-law, Elton & Penny – THANK YOU.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Last night I chatted on the phone with my BFF Linda from back in Regina.

It was so wonderful to finally catch up with her.

We both lead busy lives and somedays as you all know ….. time just gets away on us.

If you think about it for a second.

Weren’t you going to call Aunt Mary or Cousin Fran, your BFF or perhaps your Mom or Sister or Brother?

Time continues on no matter what is going on with our lives.

So we must make the time for those important calls.

When you think of someone take a minute or two and send that communication …. however you do (phone, e-mail, cell or text… JUST DO IT.

I know that the person on the other end of the “line” will be so grateful and happy that you did.

So on this Friday morning as I write these few words …. I am so grateful that my BFF took the time out of her busy schedule to call me.

It was absolutely FANTASTIC.

Have a wonderful, blessed, great, happy, amazing, awesome FRIDAY and weekend everyone.

Always, Carol

P.S. HELLO to:  Cindy, John, Tyler, Dara, Troy, Paulette, Taylor, Diana, Danielle, Ingrid, Cindy, Wayne, Jeannette, Pat M, Mary Lynn, Deanna, Ladies Group and all my “PEEPS” ……… YOU ARE ALL IMPORTANT TO ME.


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