Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 16th day of August, 2014.

The breeze feels cools as it wafts in through our bedroom/office window.

YAY ….. thank goodness for the cool morning.

I had fun at the company barbecue yesterday and even won movie passes.

Oh, I “manned” the game …. throwing the blow up beach ball into the garbage can.

OH yeah.

Followed by a few glorious hours at the mall …. West Ed Mall.

It was so packed ….. people all over the place ….hu

Just checking out stores on my list and trying things on.

I even managed to finally get one of my watches in and have the battery changed.

Had a bowl of noodles from Freshi’s and treated myself to a frozen yogurt from Pinkberry.

So great.

Then I went to the store and found that one of my coworkers had left a birthday present for me …..

A beautiful scarf splashed with pinks and whites and a coffee mug with my initial.

Am I not the most lucky woman on the planet.

Such a great day.

It was extremely muggy and I could have lived without that part of the day but being in the mall did help.

It was at the barbecue that was hot and sticky.

I just slept in this morning which was nice.

So time to get some laundry and housework done.

Sometimes when you think that you are just getting by and that no one notices and then you are pleasantly surprised that that just was not the case.

Does that make sense.

Sorry for the long sentence.

Sometimes it is necessary.

I do love my life.

Also I am super excited because I came up with a good story line for a book ….. so am working on that …..

Man it has been a great August …….

Time to go and get dressed.

Words to the wise ……

Never give up.

Also remain positive and keep the light burning bright …..

Life can be great if you think that it is ……

Mine is spectacular.

Special Hello to: my sister and family and friends back in Regina …… we have to SKYPE or something …… miss you all.

Always, Carol and Alvin


P.S. if you have not yet watched the movie “FROZEN’ ….. then you must. ¬†Great movie and great songs.

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 4th day of January, 2014.


It is a bright sunny COLD morning here in Edmonton.

I am so HAPPY to see the SUNSHINE

We have not had much sunlight this winter so when it shines …. baby ….. our lives shine.

Sorry, I just wanted to use “baby” in a sentence.

Well day four …..

I am working diligently on “de-voiding my life of judgment” ...

We judge all of the time and mostly it is things that are not harmful to ourselves or others but still we do.

It is an interesting process to go through.

I am doing well at this …..

Well today is my cleaning and odd job day.

My daughter will be coming over shortly and we are going to do some shopping.

She needs to go to COSTCO and I am going along.

There is also a new craft shop in our neighbourhood ….. I think mainly for scrap-booking.

We are going to check it out so that should be fun.

Then back home and do some WORK.

Cleaning my bedroom closet and changing bedding is all I have done thus far …. oh and emptied the dishwasher.

Oh, such fun.

Well I hope that you all have an amazing day …..

Let’s see how we do “de-voiding our lives of judgment” …..

I think we shall be better for it (now is that a judgment??)

Happy sunny day to me.

Special Hello to: my best friend back in Regina “L” ¬†….. a birthday is just around the corner for me….

Always, Carol and Alvin



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