It is a NEW YEAR.

Well we are now on day three of this brand new decade.

Second day and last day of work for this week.

Doing a seated “happy dance.”

Also nice when one has a short work week.


Last night after work Alvin and I went for our walk.

We did not get very far as the wind continued to gust stronger and stronger.

Alvin appeared to be missing the wind but I was having problems.

Felt at times as though I was going to be Dorothy and lifting off.

So our walk was short lived.

We have been enjoying lots of good walks and with having the extra long walk and lovely fresh air on Wednesday, I thought be would be okay.

I even started to do some exercises in the evening.

One has to start somewhere.


I also brought into the house the shelves for the cupboard.

Not sure why I left them with the cupboard/cabinet in the garage for so long.

Anyway now I have the shelves in the basement – I just have to find a couple of strong men/women to help me take it into the basement.

The plan is for that to happen this weekend.

After that, I have lots of work to do.

In a couple of weeks the Christmas decorations will come down and I will put my bead supplies etc. into the cabinet.

Fix up the room in the basement once again.

I am leaving the Christmas decorations in place in honour of my long-time Ukrainian friend who passed early last year.

He was proud of his heritage and I was proud of him.

Last year I lost two long-time friends, both happened to be male.

They leave a hole in my heart but memories to last a lifetime.


I feel that I am already making changes for this new decade which is great.

Spreading my wings …. careful not to fly too high but high enough.


Well almost time to head downstairs.

Pick up the poop outside from the backyard.

See if Alvin has to go one more time.

Excited to have the weekend close at hand.


Life in this new decade is great.

I hope that you are fulfilling your dreams.

Continue to dream big.

They will happen.

One day at a time.

It is easy to get caught up in things and lose oneself.

But if we take a deep breathe and some time out each day.

Those dreams will reach fruition.


Happy Friday.

Yes, Alvin, I hear you.

Poor guy.


Always, Carol & Alvin

Love this photo – looks like Alvin is hugging me.

I guess in essence he is as he is holding on.





Thought for the day……

Every now and again, I have one of those days and not even a whole day but all the same, I have them.

Just wanted to let everyone know that YES even “moi” has moments.

Well I am getting ready for bed and at the end of the day – it was a very good one.

The skies opened and graciously watered my plants, flowers and grass and for that I am truly grateful.

My sister called and they (my sister and her boyfriend) are coming for a visit in just over a week.

My nephew is also coming for a visit in a few days from now.

I had some shelves built in the garage which are perfect, (thank you John & Delroy) and will help to display all of our awesome things for the garage sale this weekend.

Okay, guess this is more than a “thought for the day” ……

Thought for the day is:  it is good to be busy and always be open to anything that comes your way.  It is okay to be spontaneous (I am learning that it is okay not to have everything planned all of the time). Fly by the seat of your pantaloons, sometimes.  Good for your HEART & KIDNEYS (LOL) ……. not sure why I decided to use KIDNEYS but it sounded good.  Good to LAUGH, are you smiling yet !!!

So for now.  Good Night and I hope that you always have HAPPY, HEALTHY THOUGHTS.  That Mother Nature sends her beauty your way.


As Always, Love from ME…….

P.S.  Alvin sends his LOVE, too.  He is patiently waiting in bed for his “Momma”.    🙂

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