Good Morning ALL. How are you today? Alvin and I are sleep deprived. Not sure why but he had me up almost every hour since 3:00 a.m., he does not appear to be feeling unwell so will monitor the boy. He had a low key birthday as I was working. He received birthday wishes from his sister and brother-in-law and pups. We ended up short staffed on the after hours phone line so I worked till 7:00 p.m. and as I had started at 8:00 a.m. it was a long day. I was returning phone calls all day long and then on the phones after hours. Tired of speaking on the phone. Unfortunately I have a few calls yet to return and I sure hope that the phones are quiet today. Maybe everyone will be busy watching the United States Presidential Inauguration. I am excited to watch it however the business part of it will happen this morning while I am working but I am recording it to watch later and also the Balls, I enjoying watching them dancing and the entertainment. So a busy day for a lot of people. Sending good wishes for a wonderful celebration for the American people.

I am grateful that we had a nice walk at lunchtime yesterday. It was funny almost as soon as I was finished on the after hours phones last night the rain started, the wind howled and blew so hard I felt that the roof may blow away. As I looked out of the front window which faces north, it was raining and the trees were almost blowing over AND out the back door it was snowing and windy. My shovel blew crossway against the porch out front which has never happened. At the back both garbage cans that are against the fence not too far away from the house were laying on their sides. I left them that way thinking they may blow away next time although as garbage was picked up yesterday and they are near empty. The rain and snow eventually stopped but the wind gusts well into the night and is still blowing this morning. So what a night. Perhaps it was the wind that kept Mr. Alvin up …..

He is whining loud at the doorway so I had better sign off for now.

We are okay despite the lack of sleep or at least I am banking on that.

Please have an awesome day.

We will continue to live our lives with kindness, respect and compassion for all others.

Always, Carol & Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 18th day of June, 2017.

Was overcast earlier then turned to bright sunny skies and now there are some clouds gathering.

Today is Father’s Day.

Alvin and I would like to wish all of the Fathers a happy, joyful daughter filled with love and laughter.

Our day will be quiet (which is okay by me).

Yesterday we had the Vet visit first thing followed by coffee break with my friend and neighbour “S.”

In the afternoon laundry was first item on the old TO DO LIST and in between I worked on the back garden space.

A couple of years ago I dug out the cedar tree that had died after only a couple of years and a few weeks ago dug out the diseased roses and dead shrub.

With three holes on display and only two small shrubs in the garden (one on each side in the front); I had to do something.

But what, as I do not have the extra money to go and purchase more shrubs or flowers or ornaments.

So I looked around my house and garage and had an idea.

A few years ago I had bought a couple of tall planters that were made of something that resembles concrete but not that heavy.

I had left them outside over a few winters and they had slowly been to break away in spots.

One of them was pretty good and it was on the deck and the other had been tucked away in the garage – just waiting.

I decided to reuse the one in the garage.

I had a sort of plan in mind.

So I grabbed a shovel that I had borrowed from my neighbour and then realized that I needed something else, scissors.

With scissors in hand I carefully trimmed away the black material that was sticking out around the holes where the roses, shrub and tree had been.

Then I dug out the hole in the back area of the garden as that is where I wanted to place the planter.

After getting the hole dug – I went to the garage and carefully carried out the planter.

It was heavy and awkward but I managed.

When there is a will – there is always a way.

At least that is what I have found – my whole life thus far.

I set the planter into the hole and turned it on an angle so that the fern embossing was showing and the best part of the planter faced outward.

Filling in around the planter was easy.

Then I set about moving more rocks to fill in the other holes.

Once done, I placed the rocks back over the dirt.

There were a few spots that needed something so I took some stone pieces that I had set under the back steps on the deck and placed them strategically in the garden.

I had a stepping stone that was nice so I set it in the garden, as well.

As I did not have any extra plants to place in the planter, I took the two of the three solar light fixtures from the other planter (the tallest ones) and put them into the container.

VOILA ….. no cost …… just a bit of medium labour and it looks good.

I am proud of myself.

Alvin tried to help ….. he kept coming up into the garden and sniffing away …..

I perhaps will add a bit of rock from between the garages once we get the bark chips in there but for now it looks good.

After supper we ended the day with a walk followed by a movie.

Happy Saturday.

Happy Father’s Day to all the GUYS out there whether you have two-legged babies or four.

Thank you for all that you do.

Special Hello to: My youngest brother who is a great day and my nephews.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to the 2nd day of April, 2017.

Looks like a beautiful morning with a bright blue sky and the sun shining.

We had a bit of excitement this morning.

Alvin had been in the backyard and then barked to come in and raced through the house at lightning speed.

Only to stop at the windows in the living room and start barking loudly.

One our neighbour’s dogs was out.

He is a big big guy.

ALMOST as tall as me…. almost.

I know approximately where he lives.

He was in the yard right across the street from us …. sniffing and then peed.

He continued down the way going in the direction of his home.

I kept careful watch for the next while.

When he did not come back – I thought he had made it home.

Think again.

Alvin and I had come upstairs so that I could write my blog.

Just before sitting down at the computer – I put the decorator pillows back on the bed.

As I walked by the bedroom window I saw a white flash and then my neighbour “S” coming back from across the street.

I waved and she gave me the thumbs up.

So I opened the window and asked if it was the big dog and she said he is now home.

I also made sure that one of the owners was outside.

Apparently the big guy was chasing a rabbit and it was the rabbit that was the white flash that ran by on the street.


Thank goodness it ended well.

First time that I have not just ran out to help.

Feeling guilty and grateful.

Is that possible?

Always some excitement.

Love happy endings.


Well just a few things on my TO DO list today.

  1.  ENJOY a couple of cups of coffee
  2. Pick up a few items at the grocery store
  3. WALK with Alvin
  4. Bring up clothes that were hanging to dry in the basement
  5. Write my Blog – check
  6. Call my friend as it was her birthday on Friday
  7. SKYPE with my sister tonight @ 7:00 p.m.
  8. Prepare breakfast for the next three days – it is the cold oatmeal
  9. Make lunch and get clothes ready (like to be done ahead of time)
  10. Empty the dishwasher …

If there is time I want to shovel the last bit of snow from the front yard onto the street where it will melt faster.

Oh and sweep the back deck.  Almost all of the snow has melted back there.  Now just to get it looking nice.

The grass by the deck after the snow has melted looks terrible.

Of course, there is a bit of “poop” that somehow was missed during the winter.  How did that happen?

I wonder…..

Well time to go and finish my coffee before hopping into the shower.

I hope that you all have an amazing day.

Remember if you are a dog owner – to always know where they are ……

Special Hello to:  my friend “M” – thank you for being you and for taking the time to read my blog.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 10th day of January, 2017.

Another day in the deep freeze.

Thank goodness that I have been able to catch a ride in the morning with my neighbour.

I worry and think about all those souls who have no choice but to walk and then wait for the bus.

I hope that the buses are all on time.

Last night my daughter gave me a ride home from work.

So nice all round.

Both my neighbour and I were shovelling last night.

She did the front and I did the back and the driveways.

It is all good until it gets packed down when someone drives on it.

Mr. Alvin only stayed out with me a very short while.

I had him in the garage so at least he had some shelter.

He did not like being in the house without me.

But at least he was warm even if he was mad.

Better warm than not, I always say.

Well I must confess that I do like leaving the house a bit later…… bit longer in bed …… nice.

So strange when it is COLD out that all one wants to do is SLEEP and EAT.

You know not even eat …. more sleep.

So if you live where it is cold I wish you warmth.

Drive carefully if you must be out on the roads.

Some people do not think so you must be aware.

Have an awesome Tuesday.

Back tomorrow.

Special Hello to: my friends back in Regina.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 8th day of October, 2016.

Well it is official ….. or at least according to Mother Nature ….. we have SNOW.

Not just a little but a lot and it is still snowing.

Time to haul out the shovel, I suppose as I see shovelling in my near future.

I knew that I was physic.

Small giggle.

I missed a tea meeting this morning because of my cold ….. ears plugged.

Kind of worked out as it is ugly out …. windy ….. and likely slippery.

Better to stay home and get over this cold thing.

All of the cars that I can see from my office window are covered in wet snow.

I did hear through the grapevine that there is warm weather ahead ….

Perhaps they were just day dreaming.

It does not appear that it is going to be leaving anytime soon.

But you never know with Mother Nature.

So in the meantime, I am happy that I put everything away and did all of the outdoor cleaning and such.

Just spoke to my daughter and we invited us for Thanksgiving to their home (she had before); just tightened up the time.

We may even spend the night.

Well we were up later than usual this morning so better get the pedal to the medal and get a bit of work done.

Will have to save some energy for shovelling later on …… have to grab the shovels …. one for the front and one for the back.

Have to shovel for Alvin.

Also have to play find the “poop” in the snow from earlier this morning as I was too “lazy” to go outside with him.

Man, I miss summer and fall.

Winter sucks in that regard.

I also have to locate my Halloween stuff as that was one thing that I had not done outside (inside has been done for a couple of weeks).

Okay I have ranted long enough …. sorry for that.

I hope that you enjoy your weekend.

In Canada, Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

To All Others just have a great great weekend.

Special Hello to:  my friends in Saskatchewan …..we share your “pain” with the snow.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 30th day of January, 2016.

The second last day of the first month of the New Year.

I just had a thought ….. my message is still the Holiday one ….. time to change it ….

The sky is very pretty this morning at just after 8:00 a.m. ….. filled with shades of pinks and yellows as the sunrises.

It is always quiet at this time of day as the neighbourhood slowly starts the weekend.

Soon there will be cars zipping down the street.

Soon there will be children playing outside on the sidewalk sliding on the ice and splashing in the water.


Last night after work I worked once again on the massive ice/water pool out front of my house.

One of the little girls from down the street stopped as I was chipping away at the ice and wanted to help.

So she took the shovel and was scooping the water/ice into the path to the storm drain.

After two very small scoops with the shovel she exclaimed “it is too hard on my hands.”

I giggled and said “I know, it is hard work.”

Once I put down the shovel …. she wanted the ice chipper …. I asked her to be very careful and she tried to break up the ice but she is small so not to successful.

After that she kind of fell / sat down in the snow bank in front of my house.

It was nice to have company as I worked.

Alvin patiently looked out of the window.


We have not been walking as it is crazy on the sidewalk down the street.

Not everyone is trying to break up the ice.

There are some that have it all chipped away but they do not have the snow melting to the storm drain so it is easier.


Alvin and I have his appointment at the Vet this morning so that will be an interesting walk ….

Thank goodness I have my spikes but poor Alvin will be a slipping and sliding.

I am going to take a small towel with us so that I can wipe him off when we get to his Doctor.

Well time to get this show on the road.

Someone is coming to take a peek at the dryer tomorrow so that is good.

Today I will just wash clothes and hang them as I did last weekend.

Until tomorrow have a great one.

Special Hello to : all those folks just watching the sunrise and loving them.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 7th day of February, 2015.

Clattering is coming from the kitchen as my daughter empties the dish washer or so I assume as I am upstairs.

Alvin is sitting on the bed looking out of the office window.

My son-in-law is getting dressed, and then will be going outside to shovel the walks and driveway.

My grand-puppies I can only assume …. Miss Penny is downstairs lying on the sofa and Sir Elton is laying on the bed waiting for his Poppa to be ready.

Alvin is gone now just in that much time – downstairs.

I am excited as my girl friends are coming over to have a belated birthday celebration for “S” …..

I love my girls they are the best …… they live close by and we get along so well.

We laugh and talk and sometimes cry but not often.

I am so blessed to have the best family and friends.

Last night was busy at the store and that was great …..

With the store the night before being so dead …

Nice to be busy.

Well “gotta” go and get things ready for the party as I worked last night …

Lucky for me my daughter picked up the cake ….. just have to put the finishing touches on gift and decorations and make COFFEE….

Guess I had better not forget to EAT …….

I hope that you have an amazing day surrounded by those you love.

I smell toast ….. that is what I am going to have toast and honey ….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Special Hello to: all those folks with birthdays in February.

Love Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 3rd day of February, 2015.

Warming up.

Not sure if spring is 6 weeks away or 6 months away…. just kidding.

I am sure it will come when Mother Nature thinks it is time!

This morning I am reminded that one should always surround themselves with the things that they love.

If you love the colour turquoise then paint a couple of walls in your bedroom and or living room that particular shade.

If you love photography …. have a hallway filled with family photos or ones from your travels.

If you love baking then make some extra cookies and deliver them to an elderly neighbour or working single parent.

If you love to cook then once again make something extra and deliver to someone who works multiple jobs …. someone that would really appreciate a home-cooked meal.

If you love to write ….. send off a newsy letter to a loved one who lives far away.

Perhaps you love to be around children, and have none ….. then offer to help watch family/friend’s children so the parent(s) can go out.

If you love to walk then check with a neighbour who owns a dog who may need help getting their beloved that extra exercise.

There are so many things that one can do …. to help by doing things and surrounding ourselves with things that you love.

If you love to clean then volunteer to help the elderly or go out and pick up the trash in your neighbour.

If you have extra time … shovel some sidewalks ….

So many things ….. so much love.

Just be the person you love to be without worrying about what others think.

Surround yourself with things you love.

Live your life doing what you love to do.

Have the best day ever.

Special Hello to: my friend “V” who is one of the best people I know.

Always, Carol and  Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 9th day of December, 2013.


Wow, 16 sleeps till Christmas.

The mall was so busy yesterday …… I cannot believe how many people are out and about.

Just wondering if anyone makes anything anymore or just does something nice for someone.

Like cooking them a nice supper or perhaps offering to shovel their sidewalks for the winter.

So many wonderful things you can do for someone other than buying the stores out.

I think it is nice to buy something that someone would like but it is even better when someone puts thought and consideration into the gift.

Always good to mix it up ….

Buy things as it keeps me and so many others with employment.

Also make things ….. from the heart is always a good choice.

So on this Monday …… just remember to send a thoughtful card and letter to a friend or relative.

Cards and letters are so nice to receive.

I always look forward to them.

So on this Monday write that letter …..

Special Hello to: all my friends who live hundreds of miles away …. miss you.

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day….

Good Afternoon and it is mid afternoon on Saturday the 16th day of November, 2013.

Wow, what happened today.

Alvin slept over at his sister’s house so I slept in of course.

I woke up about 6:45 and decided to go back to sleep and then the phone rang and it was 9:00 a.m.

My daughter on the other end of the phone …. wondering if she could bring Alvin home.


So I jumped out of bed, washed my face, brushed my teeth and jumped into some clothes.

As I opened the living room blinds I saw one of my neighbours out shovelling ….

We always shovel each other’s walks.

With Alvin and my daughter on their way – I wanted to shovel the walk before they arrived.

I could not believe the amount of snow that we had received in a short amount of time.

It was nice to have help shovelling ….. we made short work of the snow.

Front and back and in between on the deck.

I watch her cat and she helps shovel….

So this morning ended up being out of my regular routine.

I did not get to my blog until now.

Already been out shovelling twice and looks like soon a third time.

Always good to be able to go with the flow.

Routine changed and I went with it.

You never know what is going to happen.

Good to be flexible.

So listening to Christmas tunes…. Blake Shelton….. mmm dreamy.

Back to reality.

My daughter and I got some jewellery business out of the way.

We are having a sale soon ….. so much fun.

On-line …..

Well time to get going …. I am going to do some Christmas baking after supper.

Also have to work on my Christmas cards …. do the letter.

YIKES….. soon it will be December.

It is the very best time of year …. Wished that it would slow down so that I could ….

Oops just have to remember to breathe.

So have a great rest of your Saturday.

I am babbling ….

Smiling ….. life is great.

Love you and thank you for reading …..

You are so great….

Special Hello to:  Blake Shelton …. love your voice……


Always, Carol and Alvin

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