Thought for the day…….

There are sometimes when our lives seem to be so complex, complicated and overwhelming that we forget to find the joy in the simplest of things.

For example:   this morning Alvin had grabbed his “toy bone” and was running like a crazy guy dropping it on the laminate floor with a bang …. then picking it up and scurrying around so fast that he would slip and slide as he ran…… LOL…..

It was so funny that I stopped what I was doing (eating breakfast) and just watched him.  He made me laugh and feel great.

Still makes me smile and that was sixty minutes ago……So when that dog has his bone or the baby laughs take a moment and just be in that moment…. Enjoy life.

Another one is walking along and as we were coming around the bend ….. the fragrance of roses led us down the path.

The smell was incredible.  Just made me feel like a million dollars.

So when your life is just simple crazy …… just be simple.

Take the pleasure out of the little things….. it is true………..

We don’t have to be entertained by the television, big screen, supper out a restaurant or such …..

We can find gifts each day in just the littlest of things ……. so pay attention …..

Have a great great day…….

Thanks Alvin (he always makes my day)

Always, Carol

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