COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Tuesday June 20, 2017 and it is the 51 day until my 60th Birthday.

Favourite things continued:

48.   Zest of a lime – the smell

47.   Alvin and I sharing a pillow on the sofa

46.   Artwork

45.   Sunlight bouncing off my PARTY LITE MOSIAC  vase into pastel dots on the wall

44.   Anything chocolate

43.   All the babies on this earth – every creature

42.   CHOCOLATE ….

41.   Rainbows

40.   Smiles

39.   Belly laughs

38.   Cooking and most especially making up new dishes

37.   Receiving letter in the mail


I think it is hard to keep the list down to 60 items.

Always, Carol

Thought for the Day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 26th day of March, 2017.

The SKY is a beautiful vibrant “baby blue” colour with streams of white cloud patches throughout.

The SUN is shining and I just saw some drops of water dripping from above by the window outside.

YAY …… another fantastic weather day for us here in Edmonton.

Also heard some geese honking as they flew overhead.


Well it always fills me with energy when the sun is shining brightly.

I am so happy ….. I can feel smiles bubbling up to my face.

Yesterday Alvin and I enjoyed the most delicious walk.

On our way home we saw one of my neighbours out in her garage sweeping the floor, of course we stopped to chat.

We had a wonderful visit.

She also does Holistic Healing – something new I learned about her …… we met her while out for our walks.

They have two small dogs ……

Excited as I have agreed to have a healing session this week.

Also great to learn something new.

She does Integrated Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatics, Viscera and Energy Healing.

Quite the mouth full.

She has been doing this since 1995 and is certified in all areas.


Well today feels like a pancake breakfast type of day.

Normally I would have eaten already but it will be a bit later this morning.

I always make coffee on the weekends for both me and my neighbour.

She likes the way I make my coffee.

I have a electric coffee peculator.


Oh, yes I cannot forget to run downstairs and grab the clothes that are air drying.

Have some bedding to wash and then all of the laundry is done.

As today appears to be nice I will go out and clean up the trash in the neighbourhood.

I have noticed so much on my walk to and from the bus and also on our walks.


Well I hope that you all are having an awesome day.

Today is going to be …. er, I mean today is FANTASTIC.

Already off to a great start between the sun shining and snuggles with me Alvin.


More drops of water coming from the roof.

Should be able to wear shoes to work this week.


Special Hello to:  my sister, are we to SKYPE tonight?

Always, Carol and Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 19th day of February, 2015.

What a glorious and great evening I had.

Last night when I arrived at the store for my shift ….. I found one of our co-managers back.

She had left to pursue other things but she came back to us.

Just goes to show you that you never know what can happen.

I am so happy ….. over the moon.

She is such an amazing lady and a great co-worker.

Everyone was walking around last night with a extra big smile glued to their face.

Made my day ….. made my week ….. made my year.

Also last night on my walk home I realized that it was very warm and after 9:00 p.m. it was MELTING.

CRAZY ….. awesome.

So between my friend and the weather ….. I am extra happy on this Thursday morning.

Well almost time to leave for the office.

I hope that you all have an awesome day.

May someone special suddenly appear back in your life.

Isn’t life great?

Well, yes it is.

Special Hello to: my friend “S” who is back where she belongs ……..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 26th day of January, 2014.

How are you this morning?

I am doing very well.

So nice to see the sunshine for another day.

Temperature fell overnight to negative double digits.

The windy was up overnight but seems to have calmed down.

Sure made it hard to sleep.

Are you a sound sleeper?

Or does every little thing keep you awake?

Everything from coffee to the wind?

Usually I sleep pretty good but I will admit that last night the wind did keep me up.

Well Mr. Alvin got a hair cut and bath yesterday.

He looks like a new “dog.”

I guess I should take a photo of him and share.

I also SKYPED with my beloved sister and as always thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

She always makes me laugh and cry and feel great.  What a wonderful combination.

So on this Sunday …. I hope that life is treating you well.

Have a great day.

Remember to smile no matter what is going on …. it always makes you feel better.

Also, yesterday my daughter spent a good part of the day with us ….

Thank goodness for her help with Alvin’s hair cut.

He might have looked like … I am not sure.

He is such a “GRAND MASTER.”

Time to go to work …..

Thank you for reading my blog ….

I do appreciate it…..

Special Hello to: all those people who need a little smile to brighten their day …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, February 22nd, 2013…..

Wow, here we are again at Friday morning.

Last night my neighbour dropped by as she had been out canvassing for Heart & Stroke.

We both commented on the fact that “tomorrow” was Friday already and where had the time gone.

It does seem as we get older that time has a way of passing more quickly ….

I know that there are the same amount of minutes in a hour and hours in one day …..

But you know what I mean ….


Tomorrow is a special day …. for two “dear”  people in my life celebrate a birthday.

One is my little sister’s (she is 18 months younger); and the other is my dear friend “D”

Happy Birthday Ladies, and I hope that you have an amazing day.


So on this Friday morning I hope that you are walking around the house with a smile on your face.

You do not have to have a reason.

Just smile.

Even if your morning is a little less than stellar ….. just smile.

It feels good and I guarantee that after your smile things will begin to look better.

Works for me.  🙂

Take every opportunity that comes your way or at least recognize them.

Smile at strangers ….

Do a good deed (even holding a door open).

Be kind to both humans and animals.

Every living creature deserves kindness.

Have a wonderful day.


Special hello: to everyone celebrating a birthday ….


Always, Carol and Alvin




Thought for the day…..

Good Monday Morning and welcome to January 28th, 2013 …..

I had a great weekend and was especially grateful to be feeling better again.

I started the weekend by having coffee with one of my friends followed by the usual laundry and cleaning.

Alvin and I were able to take a nice long walk and then after supper I watched a movie and baked cookies.

I have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the planet.

It is so easy and they always turn out great.

You can add whatever you want in the way of extras like: raisins, cranberries, nuts etc.

I took some into the store and they were a hit.

Just wondering how many people bake these days especially with most grocery stores having a bakery.

I will always love homemade baking.

I remember whenever I would go to my Grandparents farm and the smell of my Grandma’s baking would waft through the air ……

I am certain that even the farm animals were licking their mouths from the scent.

She baked the most amazing items:  jelly rolls, fresh brown bread (even before the popularity of brown breads), all sorts of cookies, and cakes.  She made the best orange chiffon cake I have ever had the good pleasure to eat.

My Grandpa made fudge …. that was his speciality and it was yummy.

My Mom made fudge as well and it was great …. whenever the chance she made the best pumpkin tarts and angel food cakes.

It is so funny how food can invoke such wonderful memories …. I can see Grandma in the kitchen, Grandpa walking in the barnyard and my Mom smiling.

I hope that you have wonderful memories …. you never know what “a good brownie” will remind you of …….

Well time to go and finish getting ready for work.

I hope that you have an amazing day.

Always dream and use your imagination …… it works for you.

Special Hello to: all those bakers ……


Always, Carol and Alvin

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