Living … One day at a time.

Good Monday Morning.

Despite my non-intentional attempts to throw a wrench into my weekend, the weekend turned out to be success.

Now mind you I was not able to give Mr. Alvin a haircut or a bath.

I was not able to wrap the few gifts that I am exchanging.


The Mincemeat tarts (don’t really count them) will do closer to Christmas or really anytime.

Just open the tart shell box and the jar of mincemeat and bake.

Does not get much easier than that.

I could not make the mincemeat for the price of the jar from the store.

Well for some reason I was off my game this weekend and forgot to take photos of all the baking.

It would not have fit on the table.

The missing item was the CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

FUDGE = 76 bite size pieces

SUGAR COOKIES = 18 dozen – (5 of which were earmarked for the girls, the young friends) = 13 dozen for home and work.


= TIRED and SO HAPPY it is done.


We managed to get some walks in over the weekend which was good.

I spent pretty much all of my waking hours this weekend on my feet.

Between baking, laundry, baking and walking.

No time to sit around.

But OMG so happy to have it done.

I believe that Mr. Alvin is happy as well.

He spent most of the weekend going in and out to the back yard.

He could feel that I was not going to have time for time.

I didn’t have time for me.

So grateful that I can do what I love.

I do love to baking.

Not always in these quantities but I love to bake.


Well, okay time to stop writing.

Time to go downstairs and finish getting ready.

Pick up the poop from earlier this morning in the backyard.

I like to keep it done.

No surprises in the spring when it melts.

That can be down right nasty.


I hole that you had a great weekend.

This weekend deliver a few cards to friends in the neighbour along with some treats.

Wrap presents.

Hopefully will be able to pick up the blade for Alvin’s clipper this weekend so that he can have his long overdue haircut on Saturday.

That will be enough.

Oh, tonight place a NORWEX order.


Happy Monday.

With kindness and respect I shall get through another year.

2019 has been quite the year.


Always, Carol & Alvin



Thought for the day….

Happy Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 …..

Well, we are well into spring …… even with the occasional spreading of the white stuff ….. spring is definitely here.

The birds are returning to the neighbourhood …. even the geese in small numbers are back.

I love spring ….. the sights …. the sounds ….. the smell …. the very feel of it all.

The newness ….. oh, I could go on and on.

The colours …..

The bunnies that hop through our neighbourhood …. actually their neighbourhood are turning brown now.

As the snow melts and the temperatures warm the uncovered grass is turning that wonderful brilliant shade of green.

My favourite colour ….. that new green grass.

I can hardly wait for a trip to pick up flowers to place out front and on my deck in the back yard.

YAY…… I think other than the warmer temperatures of summer …. that my favourite thing is FLOWERS.

I love all the colours and the scents ….. the different shapes of the blossoms. ┬áMy yard simply comes alive.

Oh, another great thing about spring is the birth of all the baby animals and birds.

I love watching the robins in the neighbourhood as they build their nests or restore old ones and then lay their eggs.

I think robins are my very favourite bird of all …. along with hummingbirds.

I love the colour of the eggs of robins …. that turquoise blue so very pretty.

So from this happy happy gal on this fine spring day ….. HAVE A GREAT ONE.

I hope that your day is filled with much love and laughter.

Special Hello to: lovers of spring …..

Always, Carol and Alvin

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