Thought for the day…..

Good Monday Morning.  November the 21st, 2011.

How are you this wintery morning?

Are you up with the birds or are you still comfy, cozy in your bed, I wonder?

Well, I am one of those that is up with the birds.

Once you get used to it ….. it works.

Alvin jump started my early morning routine, when I adopted him January of 2010.

We have become such friends ….. that it seems he has always be here.

He gives me that extra reason to get up slightly ahead of the birds ….

He loves me unconditionally most days.

He greets me at the door with his tail a wagging …. happy to see me.

I am so grateful for his companionship ….

I hope that whoever you are and wherever you are …. that you have someone special in your life.

Whether it is a four legged or two legged companion ….. it is always good to have someone close by that loves you.

So today my thought for the day ….. is LOVE.

May you be showered with LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each and every moment of each and every day.


Special Hello: to anyone who needs or who like someone to love them ….. I will always love you.

Always, Carol

THought for the day…..

Life always brings you sweet surprises.

You never know when one will show up.

Like today for example.

Just when you least expect it ….. voila …… something wonderful will happen.

So be aware and be happy.

Today is the day….

Special Hello to:  Les & Gwen, Wayne, October Birthday boy Zane, Laurie, Karen, Tyler (good luck on your first day), Gillian, Bev (B.C.), Jeannette, Ron H.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day…….

On this wonderful Wednesday morning ….

The moon was partially hidden by some eerie clouds earlier this morning.

I imagine that the moon is practicing for Halloween.

Just wanting to get it right.

You know how “HE” is ….

Remember it is okay to practice …..

Practice makes perfect.

Every day I practice ….

To say and do the right things.

To be a better human being.

To be less harsh on my myself and have more patience with others.

To be a better me.

Happy Wednesday.

Have a great great day everyone.

A special hello this morning to:  Sara & the boys…. and Happy Anniversary to Amanda & Steven…..

Always, Carol

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