Thought for the day…..

Wow, today is Thursday, October 20th.

The sky appears to be overcast but the air a bit warmer.

Our autumn, this October has been beautiful.

I noticed that during this warm weather folks are out putting up their Christmas lights (what a grand idea).

So much easier to do the lights when your hands are warm.

Some of my neighbours have their Halloween decorations up.

There is one place that has several big blow up Halloween characters …. one being a huge spider that moves.

When we were walking by the other night ….. Alvin stopped ……. starred for a moment and then planted his feet firmly in place and began to bark.

I think he was protecting me ….. but it was so cute.

I tried to explain to him that it was just a decoration and that spiders did not grow to be that big except in the movies.

But he really didn’t understand (LOL).

Made for a interesting walk, though.

Well from this computer to yours …..

Have a great Thursday.


Special hello today to:  Ingrid, Tyler & Family, Linda, Deanna & the Ladies Group, Lisa E, and Vicki.


Always, Carol


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