Thought for the day …….

How about hip hip hooray for VACATIONS.  I am going to Victoria, British Columbia for the September long weekend.

I think that everyone needs to get away …… take a break from the every day…….. go out and explore new places.

Recharge – get energized – relax – have fun – take some photos and above all else SHOP.

There is nothing like a good shopping trip ……. to get those batteries charged !!

Also, I always look forward to meeting new people.  People have always fascinated me.

This will be an alone trip for me.

I believe that it is good for one to stretch your wings and try something new.

Lately I have been at home more than away so it is time to “spread my wings” – okay it will be the plane that stretches its wings but you get the drift, LOL

Alvin will be staying with my daughter Amanda and her husband Steven and of course, puppies Elton &  Penny.  So he will be happy.  Lots of playmates.

Okay, my thought for the day is …… if you have an opportunity to go somewhere – GO.

Get out, get away and GO.  Have fun.

Always, Carol

P.S.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that my hotel has a spa.  LOL  Yes ladies,  I have booked a 3 hour “beautification” session  ……. YA-HOO

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