Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 17th day of July, 2016.

The skies have already ran the spectrum of sunny to completely overcast.

This morning shortly after getting out of bed (well actually off the sofa as well all know that Mr. Alvin always gets up at 5:00 a.m. or sooner, weekday or weekend).

Got dressed and washed up and decided to go for walk first thing before breakfast and before COFFEE.

Yes, I know a walk before COFFEE, what is wrong with me?

I felt bad as Mr. Alvin did not really have a walk as such yesterday …. also weather reports are for thunderstorms off and on today.

After I grabbed my sunglasses, water bottle for Alvin, poop bags for Alvin (most likely), key and flip flops and Mr. Alvin and his harness/leash we were ready to go.

Not too far down the street we can across a patch of wet sidewalk – the only patch of wet sidewalk for miles.

Okay for at least a block or at least as far as I could see.

I could see the water running down the storm drain.

I could hear a sprinkler going ….

In my mind I thought on our way back if it is still running I will investigate further.

We kept walking and walked down by our park and man-made lakes.

So pretty down there.

There was a bit of a cool breeze making it lovely.

Alvin would stop and sniff along the way ….. me enjoying the cool morning air.

On our way home I saw some broken glass on the street by a company truck.

I was not completely sure who the truck belonged to but took a guess and promptly walked up their steps, and rang the doorbell.

Mr. answered (yes, it was one of the neighbours I had met when he was out with his children and I was walking with Alvin) and I asked if that was his work truck out front and he said “yes”.

I then explained that someone had smashed the driver’s door on his truck.

We walked to the truck together.

It appeared that only the window was smashed as the door lock appeared to still be in the lock position.

Thank goodness for that.

But who does “stuff” like that and I want to say the sh– word here, so badly but I will not.

After a short chat we headed off toward home.

Argh, that patch of water on the street.

Well I could not let it ride.

I had to  do something.

THE HUGE waste of water here.

So we went up to the duplex where the sprinkler was turned on and knocked on the door, nothing.

So we went up to the duplex on the side sharing the side with the sprinkler and knocked on the door, nothing.

So then we went up to the other half of the duplex where the sprinkler was turned on and knocked on the door, nothing again.

I went back once again to the house with the water running and knocked again.

So I just made an executive decision to walk over and investigate closer.

Someone definitely had just turned on the sprinkler as a prank as the water was bouncing off their neighbour’s house and in a matter of time there would be water in someone’s basement.

The grass was totally saturated and my feet as well as Alvin’s were soaked as we walked to where the tap was to turn it off.

I will go over later and let them know what happened.

I am pretty confident that it was just kids out with nothing better to do in the middle of the night but to break things and cause havoc.

Sure wished that I could get my hands on the little buggers . …. yes, I said that word, too.

Makes me mad that there is no regard to other people’s property.

Also with the water ….. the amount of water that was wasted would be in the hundreds of gallons if not thousands as I am certain by the saturation of the ground that it had been running for several hours.

Funny how no one heard as each of their homes had the upstairs windows open?

Anyway we got home …. dried off our tootsies and had breakfast.

And here we are ……

Well I have a few more cleaning things to do today and also want to work on some Steeped Tea stuff.

I hope that you have an awesome day.

Take care and if you see something out of place …. do the right thing.

Special Hello to: my friend “V” ….. two sleeps now.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Thursday the 4th day of June, 2015

You will never guess what I saw in the sky at 5:15 this morning!

Something so beautiful and unexpected.

So much so that I ran and grabbed my camera.

Well it was a RAINBOW.

There were clouds and a rainbow on the south side of my house.

There was sunshine at the north end.

Funny how that works.

Followed by a few drops of rain and quite warm out for this time of day.

What a wonderful way to begin the day with seeing a rainbow.

Last night after I set the sprinkler to water the front lawn; Alvin and I set out for a walk.

We got to the corner and Alvin spotted our friend “I” out trimming one of her bushes.

So he pulled toward her but I held him back as we had to cross the street first and watch for traffic.

After a check for cars we made a beeline for her house.

Needless to say a few minutes later we were chatting on her front porch steps joined by her husband.

They both love Alvin and do not miss an opportunity to visit him, and me, of course.

Giggling out loud on this end.

Over half a hour later we left to have a quick walk before returning home to turn off the sprinkler.

Needless to say the ground was quite wet.

It got a good soaking.

Oh, my social butterfly …….

Well looks like an “umbrellie” is in store for today ….

So I had better get this show on the road.

I hope that you have a great day.

I wish you rainbows and sunshine.

I wish you love and laughter.

Have a great Thursday.

Special Hello to: my friend “M” ….. so great to reconnect after so many years.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Happy Friday, September 14th, 2012.

I was just thinking that perhaps I should be calling this “Thoughts for the day” as I usually have one than one to write.

What do you think?

I am so grateful to all of those people who recently signed up to read my blog on a daily basis, thank you, thank you.

I am also grateful to all my faithful followers who have been reading my words for awhile …. thank you, thank you.

I was going to save this story for a book but I have decided to share a shorter version because I cannot get this small little creature out of my mind.

I see him/her wherever I go and whatever I am doing …..

Two nights ago when Alvin and I were returning from our walk …. I took note to myself …. to move the black hose (it drains the overflow of water from the house in event of flooding) and pick up the sprinkler that had blown to the ground.

I had noticed them in disarray earlier when we had started our walk and for some reason, I was drawn to go over there.

I walked on the patio blocks that line the centre behind me and one of my neighbours until I reached the sprinkler.

I picked it up and happen to glance down into the window well.

First glance, I saw a piece of paper and something else.

I cleared my eyes as it was already starting to get dark …

Nestled in the rocks that line the window well was this brownish white bit of fur …. what was it?

OMG, it was the little baby bunny …. jack rabbit baby that had made it’s home under the front of my neighbour’s house …

My neighbour had found it there when she was cutting the lawn last weekend …

My heart leaped and fell all in one blow.

I wondered how it got it there.

Quickly I ran over to Sonja’s (my neighbour) with Alvin in tow madly waving my arm as I passed by her living room window …

She came running out “What’s wrong” …. I quickly told her of the baby bunny.  By the way, we figure he is no more than two weeks old.

I ran home to put Alvin in the house because I thought he might scare the little fellow with his excitement.

Then we met at the window well…… we were not quite sure what to do other than we knew that he had to come out of there.

I was praying that he did not have any broken bones and that he or she had not been down there for a long time.

Sonja quickly ran back and got her phone and called the Wildlife Fund but no answer so she called the Emergency Vet Clinic.

While she was gone I knelt down and spoke softly to the little one … hoping it would help calm him down for when I had to pick it up.

No one could help.  They told her just to take it out of there and put it into a grassy spot.

Well we knew that much but unfortunately baby bunnies are not high on the list to be rescued.

Sonja with a cat and me with a dog and it being a jack rabbit ….. we figured not good to take it into the house.

Our hearts were crying for this little creature.

So with Sonja’s help I climbed down into the window well and with “mini gloves” covering my hands so that he would not feel my skin directly (did not wish to scare him anymore or have strong scent of human on him), I gently picked it up, and carried over to

Sonja’s house.  I was amazed that it did not try harder to get away but then again it was a baby and God only knows how long it was down there.  We placed it down by the hole it had under her house.  It stayed for a moment, and then disappeared into the bushes.  We got it some water and lettuce.  When I was placing the little dish of water down the bunny came within about six inches of me.  I was totally shocked by this.

So to shorten this story ….. we watched the bunny for a few minutes.  He disappeared and we could not see him in the bushes, I looked between our houses to find him standing on the rocks.  So I kind of shooed him out of there because we did not want him back in the window well.

After that, that tiny bundle of fur that I comfortably held in my hands (so small) bounced, hopped across the lawn in seconds and onto the sidewalk.

Our hearts fell ….. we were like new parents when the little one is beginning to walk.

He ran onto the street and under another neighbour’s car …. Sonja went over and he came out right away and then HOPPED ACROSS THE STREET.

Sonja went onto the street just in case a car came to ensure his safety at least thus far.

He hopped down the street between the sidewalk and the cars that lined the street so at least not in the middle of the street to the north of us.

We strained our eyes in the near darkness to see him but he was gone.

As vehicles came down that street we took deep breathes hoping that the little one had enough instinct to stay where he was ….

OMG, I love that little guy or girl.  That cuteness.  So amazing.

I have never held a baby bunny in my hands …. definitely not a wild one.

So after almost one thousand words later …. that is my short story……

Me and Sonja watch everyday for our baby bunny,  and check the window wells.

Before he was in the window well on Wednesday,  it had been since Sunday that she had seen the baby bunny.

Sonja had done some checking on the internet and found out that jack rabbits are born with their eyes open and with fur unlike other rabbits.

The mothers usually leave the babies on their own at about one or two weeks old.

I cannot imagine …

Well I had better go …. if you ever have an opportunity to help an animal or another human being, I hope that you will.

Your heart will soar, and you will feel amazing for helping ….. just a few minutes can do so much.

Special Hello to: my friend and neighbour Sonja who rocks with her humanity and kind spirit.  We should all learn from her.

Always, Carol and Alvin (Alvin sure was wondering what his Momma and Sonja (whom he loves) were doing outside that night.

P.S. sure wishes that I would have had my camera ….

Thought for the day…..

WOW, here we are at Monday, June 4th ,2012.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was fantastic ….. there were a couple of small snags in between the fantastic.

I accomplished everything on my “to do” list and even worked a 4 hour shift on Friday night and a 4 1/2 shift on Sunday afternoon.

It always feels great to get lots done.

So tonight other than walking with Alvin and folding the towels that were finishing drying as I went to bed (late at 10:30) …. we will be RELAXING ON THE SOFA.

The sky is slightly overcast ( I watered my lawn last night so maybe it will rain today).

So my thought for today is no matter what happens like “the baking element in your oven” (mine met with a painful end) burning out most of the way through cooking supper …. it will always work out.

I should mention that I have the most amazing neighbours on the planet ….. they always help out and are just plain awesome people.

So I learned how to remove the element from the oven, using pliers careful remove the watering wand from the garden hose so that I could attach the sprinkler (it got stuck on).

It was awesome.

Well almost time to finish getting ready.

Have a wonderful day.

Special Hello to: all those handy people around the world.  I am slowly becoming one of them …. hope someday.


Always, Carol and Alvin

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