Thought for the day……

Well Good Morning ….. today is Tuesday, January 31st, 2012.

What a gorgeous morning …. the sky is clear and the last of the morning stars were in view.

Once I am out of bed and up …. I really love the wee morning hours.

I enjoy those precious moments outside standing on the deck waiting for Alvin ….

Taking deep breathes and looking up into the early morning sky.

I take advantage of those moments by preparing for the day ahead.

Visualizing and focusing on positive energy flow.

Of course, I somedays get sidetracked  by taking in all that surrounds me like the stars in the sky,  or a neighbour’s dog barking.

But I think you get the idea.

Often times we rush around so much that we forget that we hold the power inside of us to create our days ….

Life is so much easier and fun if we work on creating our days ahead of time.

I am still working on the process, and somedays things work better than others.

But I will say this …. when I let something “get to me” ….. like doing a task less than perfect (I am learning a new job) …. it really can spiral out of control.

My confidence level drops.  My “ego” …. Yes, I have one…… we all do.  When it gets bruised ….. yikes.

It is so important to keep that positive energy and focus about you at all times.

Of course, there are times like when you are learning a new job ….. that you might as I do find it “not so easy” but I try.

We are all human …… we are perfect as us …… we hold the power ….

We can do whatever we need to do…….

So whenever you are feeling “human” and not that “super power” …… if you can remove yourself from the situation (go to the bathroom) …..

Be by yourself …. breathe deeply  for a few moments ….. plant a smile on your face …… and go back.

Sometimes we just need time to re-focus our thoughts.

Always important to feel “good” ……. no matter what is going on around you.

As it goes ….. all you need is practise……

Have a great day.

Special Hello: to all those folks out there starting or learning a new job.  We must remember to breathe.


Always, Carol

P.S. Alvin was feeling a bit left out so ……

Always, Carol and Alvin (my trusty side kick and confidant) ..


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