Living … One day at a time.


The sky is that pale blue with a hint of pink, oh so very pretty.

There is a refreshing coolness to the air but you can tell it is warming up.

The trees are not moving …. no breeze.

Alvin is on his blanket beside me.

My guard friend.

My companion.

He follows me everywhere.


We started our Sunday morning by an early morning walk.

Everything worked in tandem to perfection.

We thoroughly enjoyed that walk which made me think we should one again start taking those early morning walks.

Although during the week it would have to be about 2.5 hours earlier than Sunday.

I had time to do a few chores before our friend G joined us for coffee and a visit.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by great people.

Humphrey came for the day as his Mama had plans for the day.

It was one of those hot muggy days.

Nothing to complain about for sure …..

Last night it rained again.

This mornings puddles in the back as per usual.

I have all of the windows open to cool the house down for Alvin.

The bathroom on the main floor is always cooler as it is on the inside wall and has no windows, of course.

So I will leave that door open.

It is his place to go in case of an emergency.


Do you spend time during your day thinking about things?

What do you think about?

Your life?


Your health?

Friends and Family?


Food, cooking?



Lack of things?

Too much of something?

We all have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day.

So I guess we have to think about something.

Most of our thoughts are just random bits of nothing, I suppose.

A thought as you are walking …. oh the grass is a brilliant shade of green.

Or looking at the sky …. will it rain today?

Not every thought is share worthy.

Can you imagine that for one moment?

If we share every thought that we had with the world?

I suppose it would be an even louder world than it is.

As I get older …. I every much appreciate SILENCE.

The quietness of things.

Just sitting still …..

No television.

No sound or few sounds.

No noise.

I find it comforting and calming.

I guess one could say that is meditation ….

Being still.

Being quiet.


Well here it is almost time to go prepare things for the day.

For Alvin, that is.

See if he has to go outside once again.

Close windows.

Open door.

Fresh water … no, I did that already.

Good Mama.


Have an awesome Monday.

If you are able try to take a couple of minutes to be still.

Sit on the grass under a tree.

Sit on the sofa with no television on.

Lay on your bed.

Just close your eyes.

Breathe deeply ….

Release ….

Again ….


Happy Monday.


Remember Kindness and Respect are what you would like to have – so why wouldn’t you think that others would feel the same?


Always, Carol & Alvin





Thought for the day……

It rained earlier this morning so when Alvin and I first got up at 5:00 a.m. the deck was wet.  The air smelled so fresh and clean.  I love the smell of rain.  A few hours later when we were up for “real” ….. Alvin “asked” to go outside.  So I let him out.  He walked around the deck and climbed up into the snowbank that is off (literally) the deck.  Soon he was back down (thank goodness) on solid ground.  I am a little nervous about him  going up there as he could fall through the snow and not be able to get out.  After he wandered around he climbed or rather hopped up the steps to the top of the deck, he sat down.  I was watching him from the kitchen window.  He just sniffed at the fresh moist air and looked around.  I wonder what he was thinking?  He sat there for several minutes just taking it all in….. he looked so cute.  Then for no reason, he got up and hopped back down the steps.

I am always amazed at how he takes those few minutes and just sits there.  He must be practising some form of “meditation”.  He is still and quiet – just as one is during those times of meditation.

So here is the thought for this day ……. if Alvin can take those precious moments and be still ……. then I should be sitting right beside him on the top of the deck (well maybe not on the deck at this time, LOL) being STILL.

Have a great day everyone.


Always, Carol

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