Thought for the day…..

Good Monday Morning and Welcome to February 4th, 2013…..

Today is my youngest niece’s 16th Birthday ….. Happy Birthday “M” ….. we wish you a great Day and Year to follow.

OMG, “16” …… I remember being sixteen ….. that sometimes feels like an eternity ago.

I guess it was …. I just grabbed the calculator to do the math when I realized that I turn “56” this summer and that it was “40” years since I celebrated that special birthday.

What did I do?  …..I am not even sure if I had a cake but I do remember that it was the last birthday that I celebrated with all of my siblings.

It was my last birthday at home, and for that it was extra special.

My birthday is in August and that September my paternal Grandpa passed away several hundred miles away,  and I left home to live with my Grandma.

It was a totally different experience and even though I missed my siblings terribly it was good living with my Grandma.

She taught me so much.

I was “16” and she was “72” ….. what a combination.

I am certain that when I turned sixteen in August that I never for one minute thought that the following month I would not be living with my sister and brothers.

Things can change in the blink of an eye.

We always have to be mindful and live the best that we can in every moment of every day.

Now I grant you that some moments it might be less easy to do so but try.

I think seeing the glass half full and seeing yourself with abundance is more fun than the other way around …..

I know that sometimes you may think …. “I would love to stay in bed” or “Do I have to go to work?” or “Really, I have to cook yet another supper?”

But even though I have the odd moment of that …. I change it up and think “I have a comfy bed and am blessed” ….. “I have income so that I can live my life” ….. “I have good food to eat” …..

There is always a good side to everything …. sometimes you just have to look or think about it for a little bit.

But it is there.

So on this beautiful Monday morning I wish you a great day.

May you be blessed with a comfy bed, means so that you can live a good life and food in your belly.

Because we truly have so much …..

Shine on …. shine on ….. today is your day……  🙂

Special Hello to:  the Birthday GIRL “M” and all those folks celebrating birthdays and other special occasions today.


Always, Carol and Alvin ……

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