Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 4th day of March, 2016.

I had the most wonderful evening last night with my friends from Saskatoon.

They had brought with them another friend so we four had a great time.

Instead of eating on Bourbon Street in one of the many restaurants – we opted to eat in the food court.

My old stomping grounds – I hadn’t eaten there for almost one year.

In fact at my favourite “food kiosk” they remembered me by name.

One of the girls asked where had I been?

How sweet.

So many wonderful people.

We had an awesome visit.

They took me back to their rooms to show me as I had never been to the Fantasyland Hotel.

I will also share the story from their first night.

Apparently a woman in the room above them was in the hot tub (not your back yard type) relaxing and drinking.

Not a good combination.

Now the tubs are huge and I guess she was so relaxed that she fell asleep and the water kept running.

My friends heard a dripping and found water coming through their ceiling at the light (scary).

Called front desk right away.

Saved the woman’s life.

Now that is that for your first night in town.

We ended up playing a game – memory game with tiles and I will not get the spelling correct – MAHJON

It was fun.

We laughed and visited.

My friend “G” belongs to a clogging group back in Saskatoon and an instructor from Edmonton also dropped by.

Now this lady is so interesting.

She teaches all sorts of fitness and wellness classes.

We learned how to “TAP” last night.

I was so relaxed on my bus ride home.

When I left the mall – I walked right onto the bus as it was “waiting” for me.

Coming home to a house with no “Alvin” ….. was lonely but he is with my daughter and her family so he is well looked after ……. but I still miss him.

He comes home tomorrow morning.

It is almost time to get this show on the road.

I am so grateful for my friends and for them introducing me to two new friends.

The circle expands.

Also when I got off the bus one of my friends that usually catches the bus in the morning with me was getting off the bus to come home, too.

She attends post secondary school … nice young lady.

Turns out she lives a few door down the street from me and when we go for our nightly walks we go by her house.

Small world.

Time to go.

Have an awesome day.

Special Hello to: new friends.

Always, Carol and Alvin

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