Thought for the day….

Good Friday Morning and it is Friday, April 13th, 2012.

Here in Edmonton it was raining earlier and now has turned to wet snow.

As soon as I have filled up on coffee, I will be braving the elements to go and work on collecting census data.

This month has been crazy weather wise.  Not sure what happened.

March was better than April ….. guess it depends on the weather that you like.

Anyway, moisture is a good thing …. just have to be prepared so that my papers stay dry.

I found my trusty umbrella and will arm myself with plastic to cover the papers and of course, a pencil that will write in the rain.

So I hope that whatever you are doing today ….. HAVE FUN.  No matter what the weather ….

Special Hello to:  fellow CENSUS WORKERS…..

Have a great day.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day……

Welcome to Friday, January 13th, 2012 …..

Today is a special day as my youngest brother celebrates his 47th Birthday.  So Happy Birthday Little Brother …… I hope that you have the greatest day.

Also this morning Mr. Alvin decided to change our morning routine up a bit.  As I was getting my notebook and pen – Alvin was rummaging around in his toy box.  His toy box is a small rubbermaid container  which lays on it’s side so that he can get things out.

When I was ready to sit down at the table to start writing which is the point where I pick him up, and place him on my lap – he comes over with his snowball in his mouth, ready to play.  So I figured what the hay …… so we played “fetch” for a few minutes.  Very cute ….. playing is always on his terms.  When he is ready to stop …. he stops.  No loud parade …. he just walks away.

So two things today …… Happy Birthday to my brother.  I so remember when he was born.  I do not remember the day that he came home from the hospital, but I do remember him as a baby.  Giving him his bottle and changing diapers, I was all of eight.  He was my dolly, a real life doll.  He was a pretty good baby and got lots of attention from his four siblings.  He always followed his older sisters around, and although there was only one year between the three boys …. he spent most of his time with us.  We played a lot of school and used our imaginations daily.  So have a great day …… there in Calgary.

Special Hello: to all of those lucky people to be born on this day ….. Happy Birthday.

Always, Carol

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