Thought for the day…..

Every morning upon rising and taking Alvin outside for his morning “constitutional” …. I sit at the table and write one page of whatever comes to my mind.

Most days I begin with a few lines of my previous day and then I write down all the things that I am grateful for and also set the tone for this day.

I think that this is a good exercise for most people.  It is calming and thought provoking.

So if you are so inclined ….. take a few minutes and sit down at your kitchen table and write out your gratitude list.

Guaranteed to start your day on the right track.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Hello Cindy, Wayne, Anick and Janice.

Always, Carol

P.S. time to celebrate this is my “377th” POST, YAY …… break out the champagne, cheese and crackers.

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