Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 28th day of July, 2017.

Yay, it is the weekend.

Good thing as the heat of yesterday and the storm of last night has me needing some extra sleep.

I do love storms as long as the lightning is far away and no hail or torrential downpours or gale force winds.

Not that watching the rain come pouring out of the sky so fast it gives you cause to take a deep breath.

I as most reasonable human beings does not appreciate the damage that can come as a result of a summer storm.

The force of nature in a storm is out of this world.

So I am a cautiously optimistic storm watcher.

Alvin, thank goodness does not appear to get to freaked out over storms.

Perhaps that is because I am pretty cool about the whole thing.

Sometimes the first clap of thunder might set me to jumping but otherwise I am pretty relaxed.

Bearing in mind what can happen and being careful to watch for the signs.

I have been in the path of a tornado and because I was taken by it – did not take precautions.

Fortunately I was okay but the house directly south of ours at the time was not so.

So live and learn (if you are lucky to do so).

Be careful and be safe.

Well a bit cooler forecast for today …. 26 degrees celsius which is better than 30+


Have an awesome Friday and I will be spending the weekend in anxious preparation for the arrival of my sister on August 4th followed by one of my brother on August 8th.

Life is great.


Special Hello to: my siblings …. you all rock.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Thought for the day…..

Last night or much earlier this morning I was awaken by a monstrous round of thunder and then a torrential downpour.  My first thought was: did I put down the eavestrough at the side of the house?  But it was late and the rain was coming down so hard that I decided to stay in my nice comfy bed and see about it when I got up.  So guess what, the first thing that I did when I got out of bed was: go outside and check it out.  Luckily it was down.  The skies are overcast at this moment with a bit of sunshine peeping through in the distance.  Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?  I often think to myself …. how can this all be so perfect?  Life is utterly amazing from a bee buzzing about the flower bed to a big goose flying so gracefully in the sky.  So much and so cool.

Remember each day to take a look at nature and be grateful for this amazing-ness (I know it is not really a work but please indulge me, LOL).  We are so blessed for everything that walks, crawls and flies and just is on this beautiful planet we call Earth and our home.  Yes, remember to take a look around …… aw  …..

Have a blessed day.

Always, Carol

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