Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Saturday the 11th day of February, 2017.

A beautiful bright sunny morning with a bit of a breeze.

Perhaps spring is coming sooner than later.

We are going for a long walk this afternoon.

It will be our first walk in about a week.

With such frigid temperatures I did not want to take any chances with Alvin’s paws getting frostbite.

Even just going outside onto the deck he would lift his paws after only a few seconds.

I hear that the next couple of weeks are to be in the warmer range and that makes us happy for sure.

I think Alvin has “cooped up fever” …… for sure.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing that you have a wonderful Saturday.

Well I am off to gather laundry, put on the coffee and call my neighbour to come for coffee.

We have a great coffee ritual.

She buys the coffee beans for the most part and I brew them.

She loves the way my coffee always tastes.

I also add some condensed milk to the coffee once it is in her mug.

Great weekend tradition.

Happy Saturday.

Glad to be home.

Lots to do this weekend.

In addition to walking and laundry and stuff I want to get out and start my canvassing for the Heart Foundation.

Great day to do it.

Back here tomorrow.

Special Hello to: YOU …. I see you.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day ……

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 26th day of December, 2016.

The sun is peering out through the cold winter sky.

Another cold morning.

WOW, Christmas is over already.

I missed writing yesterday.

My kids and two new additions to the family arrived on Christmas Eve late afternoon.

One of the new additions had not as yet met us and we wanted to introduce Alvin to her on neutral ground.

They said that is always better.

So we took them for a walk until Mr. Alvin’s paws were cold and we had to retreat to the house.

I will say that Alvin did pretty good but definitely better day two.

Baby Milo was his energetic self.

Miss Aspen calmly investigated the house.

She is a beauty.

Milo and Aspen have the same colouring.

We spent the evening keeping an eye on the pups and eating.

Eating and eating.

Is that not what people do on Christmas Eve.

We watched a Christmas Movie and then opened gifts.

This Christmas we did not buy gifts but decided to choose something from our homes to give or make something from things around the house.

It worked out perfectly.

Everyone LOVED their gifts.

I definitely think this will be an ongoing tradition in our homes.

Yesterday was quiet but wonderful.

We got up ….. had breakfast ….. coffee…… relaxed.

Made the turkey …… had a short nap and it was time to get supper on the go.

We had a lovely supper ….. ate way too much.

The pups were starting to get settled (most especially Alvin).

Then it was all over.

The family left after supper.

Alvin and I just cleaned up and then I had a rum and EGG NOG with ice.

I will say it tasted way better than I remembered.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I watched the modern version of the “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Well here it is almost noon ……

Time to go and have a shower and freshen up.

I was looking around earlier and thinking that I would take the decorations down.

But will wait until tomorrow.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas.

We remembered our babies that left us last year and enjoyed making memories with the new ones.

Life is good when you are surrounded by family, love and “good food.”

Happy Boxing Day.

Special Hello to: all our Family and Friends.

Always, Carol and Alvin


The newest additions to our Family:  Miss Aspen and Baby Milo.

Welcome babies to our Family.

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