Thought for the day…….

How about GRATITUDE?

I have been thinking all day long how grateful I am for a multitude of things in my life.

Number 1 – GRATEFUL to be breathing and alive and to be ME.

Number 2 – GRATEFUL for my family and  friends.

Number 3 – GRATEFUL that I am living my dreams.  (writing this blog & being published and making jewelry, being creative)

Number 4 – GRATEFUL for this awesome fall day ….. it is so beautiful here in Edmonton this Saturday.

Number 5 – GRATEFUL for my dog Alvin, and all those special moments that we share.

Number 6 – GRATEFUL that after 51 years I have my own home (I am 53 now).

Number 7 – GRATEFUL that I can afford to be at home with Alvin, do things for family and friends and live the life that I chose.

Number 8 – GRATEFUL that I meet new people on a daily basis.

Number 9 – GRATEFUL that I am in great health.

Number 10 – GRATEFUL that I get to laugh each and every day.

I am grateful for every second of my life, being present in the moment and living for today.

Grateful for having all those yesterdays to draw upon for knowledge, laughter and memories.

Creating new dreams for all those tomorrows.  But not getting caught up in the “thinking” of them.

So, the Thought for the day ….. is simply GRATITUDE.  Be grateful.

It is important to feel and be and own your gratitude.

No one can do it for you but you.

Have a great day.

P.S.  Every day take a few minutes and just be grateful.  Pick up a notebook and it doesn’t have to be fancy. Then every morning before you go out into the world or if you are at home before you start doing your thing – write down all of the things you are grateful for or at least five.  Trust me, you feel better and it starts the tone for your day.  Suddenly that drive to work is more relaxing, the little one tugging on your pants (child or dog) doesn’t make you crazy, waiting in the line-up for your first cup of coffee doesn’t phase you out in the least and you just plain feel better.  Being grateful and loving just make the world a better place.  Also, remember to thank the girl that just made your first cup of coffee, and  to thank the young man that held the door open for you.

Always, Carol

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