Thought for the day ….

Good Morning and Welcome to Tuesday the 1st day of March, 2016.

Hello March …… great to see you.

Can you believe it?

It is March.

Soon we will be forwarding our clocks by one hour  ….. spring forward.

Soon the ice and snow will be melted …….

Soon the bunnies will be brown ……..

Soon the trees will be budding …….

Soon ………

YAY …..

So close ….. so exciting.

My favourite time of year ……

Okay likely a close second to Christmas time ……


After reading so many horrific stories on  last night ….

I want to keep this blog …. happy and positive.

I would like us all …. every human being on this planet …..

To take pause ….. stop for a second.

How do you treat yourself?

How do you treat family and friends?

How do you treat animals?

How do you treat the environment?

I will say that when I was typing this I was asking the question like this:

How do you treat your family and friends?

As soon as I typed that line I knew there was something wrong.

The word “your” …… this makes everything seem like a possession.

So I removed the word and it feels better.

Stop making everything a possession.

We have to be better ….. we just have to.

One of these days there will be a “bigger threat to human beings than ourselves.”

I always look to the sky and think of how we would feel if another species would find themselves on our planet ….. would they eat us, beat us, torture us, throw us in cages, and kill us?

Just because one is “bigger” does not mean to say that we should be threatening all around us.

Come on people ……. can we please be better and treat all other beings with respect?

Well I guess it is almost time to finish getting ready for work.

I hope that everyone takes pause today ….. stops for a second and goes in a different direction.



Thought for the day……

On this mid February Wednesday afternoon, I am sitting at my computer typing this “thought” …… so what exactly is the “thought”.  Well let’s see.  I am always reminding myself and everyone to be grateful.  So let’s start there.  I am grateful for my dog, Alvin.  I am grateful for my daughter, son-in-law, grand-puppies, family, friends, great health, living in my dream house, and the abundance that penetrates my life on a daily basis.  I am grateful for the sunshine.  I am grateful for  the way the snow sparkles at 5:00 a.m. under the light from the moon reminding me of  millions of diamonds.  I am grateful that I live in this amazing country, CANADA.  I am grateful that I love to write stories, and that people enjoy reading them.  I am grateful to be creative.  I am grateful to share in the “Dear Stella Jewelry” business with my amazing daughter, Amanda.  I am grateful that I have time to think.  I am grateful for a cup or two of coffee every morning.  I am grateful for each day and every moment.  I love my life.  I love meeting new people. Perhaps, somewhere out there the perfect guy for me will be reading these words, and say that is the “girl” for me.  Wouldn’t that be great.  Life is amazing, and I feel very blessed.  My life is full and happy.  I am showered everyday with abundance.

Let’s say that the thought for the day ….. is well ….. ENJOY LIFE, BE THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL AND COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

Always, Carol

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