COUNTDOWN: 60 Days to 60

Today is Saturday, July 15, 2017 and it is the 26th day until my 60th Birthday.

I will say that it is a bit difficult putting a year to certain events.

Now were are at:

1988:  Just a good year with my girl.

1989: Beginning of year a long term relationship ended which brought on a year of getting my life back in order.

1990: We both went to Calgary with friends and had a great visit with my brother and his family.  Went to Banff and Heritage Park … so beautiful.

1991:  Went to Montana with friends and had one of the best vacations ever …. this was an adult only trip.  The weather was great.

1992: In the summer of this year we had a great visit with my Mom and all siblings and children in Alberta.

1993:  This year was filled with incredible highs and lows; births and the passing of family members.

1994:  Visited New York City while in area on business.  What an incredible city.  One of my fondest memories was to the World Trade Centre.  So grateful for that memory.

1995: Joined the computer project which would take me away from my regular job until 1998.

1996: Lots of overtime during this time not much time for anything extra.

1997: Continuing with the overtime but the extra money allowed some flexibility and we even bought a new television set, a bigger one.


Oh, how I wished that I had all of my journals summarized and in front of me at this time.  My life has been filled with so many amazing people, places and things.  Often times things run all together and the years seem like yesterday.  So much I have missed.  During this decade I travelled through work to Calgary, Vancouver (visited Victoria while in Vancouver), Toronto (visited Niagara Falls while in Toronto), Winston Salem, North Carolina and of course New York City.  Each of these trips held a special memory.

My daughter attended the Bon Jovi Concert in Saskatoon in 1993.  We increased our family by two nephews and a niece.  I

I was thinking the other day that wouldn’t it be great to keep a journal from say your earlier adult years, and just summarize each year on December 31st, 2017.  It would be something that you could hand down to each generation.  What a treasure.  I am hoping that my blog will also give my daughter some extra information and an on-line journal as such about her Momma and her life.


Always, Carol

Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 13th day of February, 2017.

First thing when I started to write this blog – received a message that the keyboard batteries were low.

Closed the message and made myself a note to change the batteries tonight.

But alas kept getting the message.

Checked the time and decided to go downstairs and grab some batteries and do it now.

Better always to do things right away rather than putting them off.

Worked out.

Now I do not have to do that tonight.



Yesterday we had the best day.

I did most of my major TO DO items.

Had a great Birthday party for our friend “S.”

Followed by a walk with Alvin.

Followed by tea tasting with my neighbour and fellow consultant “K.”

After all I was going to go out and canvas for the Heart & Stroke but decided to do that another day.

Followed by Alvin and I snuggling.

We had supper early as at 6:00 p.m. I SKYPED with my sister back in Regina.

She told me of even more fellow co-workers that are retiring.

We both worked at the same office.

She remains there and of course, I retired from there in 2008.

After we had a great video chat -I watched the rest of the GRAMMY’s.

Almost forgot that they were on last night.

Great to see ADELE win an award for BEST SONG.

Busy weekend but fun.

Lots of visiting, sharing information and laughing.

My favourite part ….. laughing.

Laughter makes you feel good right to the core of your very being.

I think that we do not laugh enough.

I am always trying to make people laugh …..

Maybe that should be our mission if you will, to share laughter.

Make your friends and family giggle and laugh.

Nothing better.


Well that time once again.

Was it really Sunday yesterday?

At one point I thought it was Saturday and then something brought me back to reality very quickly.

Oh well.

I am grateful to have two days off in a row and the same days that most of my friends and family have off, as well.

Happy Monday.

Have an awesome day.


Special Hello to:  my sister ….. wow Peru in April ….. wishing that I could go with you guys. But seriously considering Victoria in the fall with my sister.

Always, Carol and Alvin

Thought for the day….

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday the 23rd day of May, 2014.

So nice to be able to sleep in this beautiful morning and just lay there relaxing.

Alvin of course, had me up at 5:00 but then after he eat and “pooped” we hit the sofa.

That sofa was one of the best purchases I ever made.

It is so C-O-M-F-Y ……

We, me and Alvin just snuggled and enjoyed a few hours before getting up and at it.

He has an appointment to have his nails trimmed ….. his pedicure.

I am thinking that would be nice.

I have had a pedicure once and it was when I went on a “self” vacation to Victoria.

The hotel I stayed in had a salon close by so I treated myself.

It was glorious…..

My nails …. all twenty of them …. never looked better.

Well I so appreciate having those mornings when we can just take our time getting up and getting ready for the day.

As I sip on a great cup of coffee and write this blog I am listening to HAPPY by Pharrell Williams …. what a great song.

I am so lucky, blessed and grateful to have this crazy life of mine.

I opened the window and there is a slight cool breeze coming in ….. life doesn’t get better than this.

So after our visit to the VET for Alvin’s pedicure we will come home (after enjoying a nice walk in there, too) and I am going to bake one of my old favourite’s a “FRUIT COCKTAIL CAKE” …..

Well I am going to make a couple of changes as I do not have fruit cocktail but it will be yummy all the same.

This afternoon my daughter and her neighbour (our friend) are coming for coffee…..

So just have enough time to tidy up the house and be ready.

Then I will top off the day with working at the store tonight ….. my favourite retail store …… Bath & Body Works

I hope that you are enjoying this fine Friday …..

I am so grateful …..

Thank you for continuing to read my blog ….. thank you.

Special Hello to: EVERYONE …….

Always, Carol and Alvin


Nestled so brilliantly on the isle of Vancouver,

Is this beautiful gem named Victoria.

She is surrounded by water on three sides.

She welcomes visitors from land and by sea.

The flora and fauna are absolutely breathtaking.

Some of which I had never seen.

The coloration to favour any palette.

You must travel there to see.

People so helpful and friendly,

Make you feel like a “Queen” ….

So if you are blessed, take the chance and go see her..

The buildings rich in historical character.

There are places where the streets are lined with stone.

Even a couple of palm trees, what in Canada !!

Treasures I have found so many, antique stores aplenty.

My treasure chest was so full, just made it under by 2.8 pounds.

That’s what the nice lady told me at the airport, on my way home.

Any kind of souvenir or trinket you desire, can be found in Victoria.

Then there’s Fisherman’s Wharf ….. serving up “fish & chips” with houseboats docked nearby.

There’s the Empress Hotel,  magnificent and regal all the way up high.

Full of history and information there’s the Royal BC Museum, complete with a woolly mammoth & real ice.

The home of writer and artist Emily Carr with beautiful gardens, and close by Beacon Hill Park, rich in colour

If you take the double decker bus you will see the shoreline with water so blue and the cruise ships approaching, coming in, too.

You will pass by beautiful homes and gardens on your way …..

Then there’s Chinatown, Fat Phege’s Fudge Factory and OMG, Rogers Chocolates.  Mmm, so good.

Then there’s the Spa at the Magnolia Hotel (place where I stayed) …… heaven

Did I say flowers, trees and such nice people.

Oh, I almost forgot they even have a castle, the Craigdarroch….

I am certain I might have forgotten ….. but oh Victoria !!!

You are a brilliant gem shining bright in our glorious country, Canada.

I am so grateful that you were so gracious and opened your door and heart for me to visit.

Thank you, Victoria.

Written by CY Lewis on September 7th, 2010 (Edmonton, Alberta)

Thought for the day…..

Two things for today:

Take time for yourself and if you are as extremely blessed and fortunate as I am, go somewhere alone.    I just returned from a glorious trip to Victoria, British Columbia.  Totally feeling renewed and recharged and rejuvenated.

The three “R’s”……

It is always good to be alone with “Me, Myself and I”.  Having conversations with oneself.  I smiled the whole time.  It was perfect.

Now back home, it is good to be home.  I am truly blessed, fortunate and every positive adjective on the planet.  BE the best you can be at home.  Fill your days with love and laughter.

Really that is all that each human being on this great planet of ours, needs.

Thank you to Amanda, Steven, Elton & Penny for taking such awesome care of  my Alvin, while his Mom was away “charging” up her batteries.

I am very grateful for this wonderful life that I enjoy each and every day.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day …….

How about hip hip hooray for VACATIONS.  I am going to Victoria, British Columbia for the September long weekend.

I think that everyone needs to get away …… take a break from the every day…….. go out and explore new places.

Recharge – get energized – relax – have fun – take some photos and above all else SHOP.

There is nothing like a good shopping trip ……. to get those batteries charged !!

Also, I always look forward to meeting new people.  People have always fascinated me.

This will be an alone trip for me.

I believe that it is good for one to stretch your wings and try something new.

Lately I have been at home more than away so it is time to “spread my wings” – okay it will be the plane that stretches its wings but you get the drift, LOL

Alvin will be staying with my daughter Amanda and her husband Steven and of course, puppies Elton &  Penny.  So he will be happy.  Lots of playmates.

Okay, my thought for the day is …… if you have an opportunity to go somewhere – GO.

Get out, get away and GO.  Have fun.

Always, Carol

P.S.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that my hotel has a spa.  LOL  Yes ladies,  I have booked a 3 hour “beautification” session  ……. YA-HOO

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