Good Morning All! What a glorious morning. We have been up for a couple of hours already but just walk and visiting. While out for our walk we bumped into friends haven’t chatted with since before Alvin’s surgery. Her pup is 16 and honestly seems more energetic than years ago. The air is cool and the sun is shining brightly. The temperature for today in Edmonton is to be 25 degrees Celsius. So nice. My to do list is long but I have three days to do things so just taking my time. We are looking after Humphrey, Bogart and Cynder for the weekend. We were invited to a neighbour’s for a visit today at 230 pm. So, in the meantime laundry and bring in things from garage that my daughter gave me. I also want to find a good company to clean the furnace, vents and dryer vents.

Yesterday after work, I went out for one hour all by myself. I went to the grocery store and to Bone&Biscuit and pick up a new harness, poop bags and couple small peanut butter cookies for Alvin. I am grateful to my neighbour for lending me her car. I felt as though I had gone on a big trip, met new people and just had fun. Yup, I did say that I went to the store. But seriously it has been forever since I have gone anywhere, much less any place without the boy. I cannot leave him for long but one hour was a nice break. It is the small things that are so important!

Last night after I put the groceries away I put away my workstation as I do every Friday night and then rearranged my flowers placing the pots of geraniums back by the kitchen window.

Of course, I gave Alvin his supper as soon as I got the groceries into the house.

I think Al is pooped as he is laying down on the sofa beside me while I write this post. I can smell the coffee as it has finished perking and I need some coffee this morning. I’m hungry as well. So nice to have fresh produce in the house. The last time I bought groceries was July 23rd – yup, the day of Alvin’s surgery. I like to use everything up. Then one does not waste and let’s face it – that is why we have spices to change up something plain and make special. The same pasta can be made hundreds of ways and so on.

Okay, gotta go. Have a great day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, understanding, love and gratitude and laughter.

Love Carol&Alvin

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