Thought for the day…..

Good Friday Morning …… Happy December 23rd, 2011.

Well this is it ….. only one more day till Christmas Eve, and then the big day.

I want to wish to each and everyone the most glorious Christmas.

May your days be filled with perfect health, great joy, much love and laughter, wealth and abundance.

This is my last blog until after Christmas.

My wish is that Santa brings you that special item but most of all I wish that your Christmas is filled with overflowing and abundant  “LOVE.”

That is the most important thing of all ….. to love yourself, to give love and be loved….

Merry Christmas my friends.

Special Hello:  to you ALL …. Merry Christmas….

Always, Carol and Alvin, too…….

Thought for the day…..

Good Wonderful Wednesday Morning Everyone ….. today is December 7th, 2011.


How are you today?

I am great.

Just wanted to see how you were and wish you a wonderful day.

May all your dreams come true,

May good health become you,

May love and laughter be second nature,

May joyous feelings fill the air,

May wealth and abundance envelope you and keep you.

May you always have enough food to eat, water to drink and a warm roof over your head.

May you always love yourself, and then the rest of the world will follow in kind.

Have a great great day.

Special Hello to:  YOU, my friend.

Always, Carol

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