The Next Chapter

Good Morning! There be a “pup” in the house. Cookie has arrived. She came after my shopping trip last night. This will likely be a short post. She is all over the place and I must keep an eye on her. She is sniffing and checking things out. I think she still misses Alvin.

Poor Cookie spent most of last night jumping off and onto the bed crying. I know that she misses her family. Without Alvin here to keep her mind off of them. She will be okay tonight.

The shopping trip was a success. I found a dress, a sweater and a night shirt and a purse. Not just a regular purse but a “fanny pack” kind of deal. Apparently the new deal is to wear them across your body not around your waist. I am good with that. I got everything on great sales. So am very happy. Did not spend a ton of money.

On the weekend, I will take more time and write longer stories. There will be more for sure. Cookie….

Have an awesome day. Sure hope today is more warm than yesterday. We froze out on site. I was chilled to the bone for the rest of the day.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My Forever Angel) and Miss Cookie

The Next Chapter

Good Morning. Looks like another beautiful day ahead of us here in Edmonton on the planet Earth. The sky is that gorgeous powder blue shade of perfection and the sun is shining and there appears to be no breeze. I think the forecast is for +17 degrees celsius today, sounds like summer to me.

Yesterday was a great day as I started out with a coffee date at my friend Gillian’s house. We drank coffee and ate coffee cake and laughed and talked about work (never a laughing matter) and enjoyed each other’s company. We are going shopping on Wednesday to West Edmonton Mall after work. I want to pick up a new dress for my nephew’s wedding at the end of June. I haven’t been to the MALL in years, will be nice to get out again. My family came for a visit shortly after I got home. My son-in-law had an appointment so my daughter and the grand pups Aspen & Milo stayed with me and we even had the time for a walk around the park like old times. Felt strange without Mr. Alvin but he was with us in spirit. My daughter helped me with some computer things and we had coffee. The pups and I hung out for a few hours while the kids went to visit a friend nearby. Perfect day. I did some work and had some fun. Used to oven to cook supper. I am learning more and more about the computer. Managed to get some more photos. I airdropped some photos but they did not go to my photos so I have to figure out how to move them to PHOTOS. In time.

This is the whirly that my friend Jessica from next door had created as a memory gift of Alvin. Isn’t it gorgeous. There may be a better name for it but it is what it is. I have included some photos of Aspen and Milo. Aspen loves to sit and look out the window. My living room window is close to the floor so while laying on one of Alvin’s many beds, she can rest her head on the window ledge and look out. I turned off the register temporarily so that it would not cause any issues. Both the pups like to look out of the window and I guess they are no different from us. I love to look out the window at the world in my neighbourhood as well. I am so grateful that I was able to spend the time with them.

Little story about our walk. When we arrived home, I noticed some garbage out front so I gave Aspen over to her Mom and I grabbed a tissue out of my pocket to pick up the trash with (was piece of styrofoam) and noticed some green and as I went to pick it up, I realized it was a $20.00 bill, intact. So I scooped it up. My son-in-law told me that it was payback for my efforts in picking up trash in the neighbourhood. I like that sentiment. Still wondering who dropped it and if someone actually came to the door and asked about it, I would give it to them in a heart beat.

Aspen & Milo do not especially love their food but I managed with some trickery to get them to eat. Aspen ate all of her food and Milo about half, Grandma scored. I was grateful to have some treats (healthy treats) in the house. After supper I watched “Top Gun Maverick” and loved it. The kids picked up the pups just after 8:00 p.m. and I decided to watch another movie. I had watched the trailer for PLANE and decided to watch it. I really like Gerard Butler. It was a great movie. Not that I usually rent two movies in one night but felt like a movie night minus the popcorn.

Then it was bedtime. I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life. I even put out some of the patio furniture so the deck looks like summer is coming. I figured if it rains it will wash off the dust from being in the garage. Also hooked up the downspout to the front of the house again. Maybe not called downspout, it is attached to the downspout so that the water will run out onto the grass and not into the foundation.

Time to fly here. Lots to do. I need to wash a load of towels, at some point go out and pick up trash in the neighbourhood, have coffee and wash main floor. Likely there are a few more items on the list but time will tell. Also walk. I want to walk although being out for a couple of hours or so picking up trash will likely suffice.

I hope that you have an awesome day. Cannot wait to have some coffee.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My Forever Angel)

The Next Chapter

Good Morning! Did someone play an April Fool’s joke on you yesterday? Not on me, as I was by myself. I had a very productive Saturday. I took everything stitch of clothing out of my closet and placed on my bed. Two bags, one for good will and the other for garbage were nearby. I went through each and every item and made a decision based on whether it was in good repair (you know how you hold onto something old even though it has sweat stains and small holes etc.), age of item, quality of item and whether or not it actually fit me and whether I have wore it recently. I even tried on a few items to see if they fit. Sometimes clothing is given to you and you accept it without really taking the time to understand if it is really something you will wear. With respect to items being given to me, some of my most favourite items were given to me and I still have a great many items that were hand me downs. I had a lot of items that were given to me that I plum wore out. They had a good life. Anyway, I filled the garbage bag full of items and the one to charity as well. Two whole bags full of things that I will not and have not been wearing. Surprisingly enough my closet does not look empty. At the same time that I was doing my closet – I went through the spare room closet as I keep items in there as well. I used to separate winter from summer but no longer. Also, I went through my dresser and reorganized and a few items did not return to the drawers. I would say that it was very successful. I have a question do you have anything in your closet that you keep for “sentimental reasons?” I have a few items. One is a jumpsuit from the late 60’s that belonged to my Grandmother, a Saskatchewan Roughrider jersey and a top that one of my client’s made me when she moved away from Edmonton. An eclectic group for sure.

The hall closet by the front door did not go unscathed. I cleaned it out and took the remainder of my winter outerwear down to the cupboard in the laundry/furnace room. In the cupboard downstairs I came across a bag of items. There was a sheer pink dress that I wore to my youngest brother’s high school graduation (1980’s), the dress and bolero jacket that my grandmother wore to my wedding (1977), a dress and tops that belonged to my grandmother from the 50’s, the dress I wore to the first family photos taken when my daughter was a baby. In the bag was a beautiful pink satin bridesmaid dress that I had used for a Halloween costume several years ago and the pink half slip & camisole that I wore under the sheer pink dress. The elastic in the slip had disintegrated, so I threw out the bridesmaid dress and the slip and camisole. I could not believe the sizes of the dresses. My grandmother’s clothing appeared to be something a child would wear (size wise) and my old clothing – well safe to say that I would never fit in any of the items again. I had a fun few minutes reminiscing about each items. The items that I kept were tossed into the laundry for a wash. I figured if they came out okay, I would keep them. They are all hanging on the clothing racks in the basement. Airing out that last bit of “chemical” smell. I will keep them in a closet instead of packed away. Honestly keeping clothing packed away is not a good idea. Reminds me of the smell from a second hand store or thrift store. Most of the clothing that people bring in are placed in garbage bags. Why in this day and age, can we not invent something that does not have that chemical smell. It ruins so much. You cannot always get rid of it either. That smell also accompanies clothing when you order on-line as well, the packaging. All plastic. We need to do better. So all of my clothing closets are all cleaned out. The one in the basement has my winter items and I left the door on it open a bit to keep air circulating. While in the basement, I put away some gifts bags and tissue paper that I had left sitting out in the “family room.” The laundry left over from Friday night was also finished. I did some other cleaning as well. Rearranged the living room other than the furniture. I made a special tribute to Alvin on the fire place mantle. The living room is filled with cards, his toys, blankets, his memory items, pictures and his Urn. We spent a lot of time in the living room, on the main floor. The kitchen and living room are all one large room with a half wall separating them. I was thinking that I have not slept on the sofa since Alvin passed. It was many years since I spent a whole night in my bed. Feels strange. Still. Yesterday was an emotional day for many years but very productive. I also hauled a bunch of things from the basement to the garage for disposable. The Electrolux vacuum that I had for many many years and that would no longer start with all of the attachments found a new temporary home in the garage. Perhaps someone will be able to fix it? I see garage sale and social media buy and sell in my future. After I finished everything, I put on my running shoes and jacket and headed out for a walk. I walked for about 40 minutes and on the way home found my neighbours Norbert & Irene outside in their garage. Irene was cleaning the van and Norbert was working on his lawn mower. So I stopped to say hello and we had a nice visit before I returned home. With no oven, I decided to just order pizza. So disappointed as the pizza place that I have been ordering from for a long time – well the pizza is not as good as it once was. The crust has more than doubled in size and the topping is so much less. Who wants to eat a bunch of bread for supper? It is very expensive and used to be worth the money. I really like the young many who usually delivers it but that is not a good reason to order pizza. Or maybe it is. He is the one who remembered Alvin by name and always was happy to see him. I noticed that his front bumper was damaged so I asked him. Apparently a moose hit him. Yup a moose. The moose was okay. Actually just at the end of the newer development by the acreages that surround the south part of this area. Insurance did not cover the damage but he says it was worse and he is waiting for a part to finish the repair. Such a nice young man. I am sorry about the pizza. I should have called the pizza place and let them know that I was disappointed in the quality. But I did not so that is on me. Unfortunately they have lost a good customer.

Looks like I have written a book. How can cleaning out closets and ordering pizza be so wordy? Time to head downstairs and make some coffee. I am going to finish my income tax today. That is a priority. I am close so want it to be done.

The sky is overcast and they forecast snow overnight (did not happen) and this morning. Yesterday was so beautiful out. People were out in flip flops and shorts. I think might have been a tad bit early but that is just me.

Happy Sunday Everyone.

Continuing to live this life with kindness, respect, compassion, patience, love, laughter, understanding, gratitude, focus, possibilities, coffee and forgiveness.

Always, Carol & Alvin (My forever Angel)

Second Half of the NEW YEAR.

Good Morning,

Well I guess that I did not make an error this is the new format for WordPress.

It will take a few posts before I get this down for sure.

I found out where the categories was so that it won’t come up as miscellaneous.

Now if I can just figure out spacing and such.

Today is the big day.

The wedding of my neighbours. I am so excited that I did not sleep much last night and in fact, just arising now. I have a couple of hours to have some breakfast and coffee before I have to start getting ready.

My daughter is coming at 11:30 or so and we have to leave the house by 12:30 as it is out of town. The TEA CEREMONY begins at 2:00 p.m. followed by the WEDDING CEREMONY, then while the happy couple are having photos taken, the guests enjoy refreshments and take in the beauty of the countryside and the retreat facility before enjoying supper provided by a secret food truck. Oh, and everything is outside providing that the weather remains nice. Forecast is for 20+ celsius today.

I am really looking forward to this time. The only part that is a bit unnerving is the mask wearing as I only know the bride and the groom. I have met her Father only. But I am okay not knowing people and generally have an easy time meeting new people. I guess time will tell. More the mask thing and social distancing at a wedding. The amount of guests is not huge. Time will tell, I did say that already.

Then the next thing is what to wear and what shoes to wear and which purse to take. Okay I am definitely rambling. I picked out the navy dress that my kids gave me for my birthday (it is nice but not fancy), topped with a coral mid sleeve cardigan and a scarf that has a mix of navy, blues, coral and white shades. The shoe I had picked out some sandals that had covered toes but I have not really wore them in years and will they be comfortable to wear for that length of time or should I wear a more summery sandal that I know will be comfortable but as soon as the sun begins to drift downward it will get cold. The jewelry aspect is the only part that I really know what to wear. I have so many beautiful pieces that I want to wear and need to wear, especially as I am actually going out. So you see my dilemma although it is not life threatening it is driving me a bit off the deep end. PURSE, another problem. Has to be big enough to put my phone/camera, battery charger cord thing, my zip bag with an extra mask (I will be wearing one), ID, kleenex, some lip balm, and whatever else I feel that I may require. I am so used to being at home and having everything at my beck, this is an unique situation for me at this time.

Okay, enough of that. I will have my daughter here when I am getting ready and she will give me direction in the clothing / shoe / purse areas. No need to worry.

Time to head on downstairs and have some toast, a banana and some much needed COFFEE.

Oh, I hear sirens close by. Oh dear.

Tomorrow my boy comes home from visiting at his sister’s since a week ago today. We were chatting on the phone last night and she put us on facetime, I would say that he has forgotten me but then I think he was just confused. I know that he will be happy to be home but I am grateful that he is doing well at their home. The week has gone by quickly. Definitely did not get much of what I was thinking of doing this week but that is okay. It is not as though Alvin keeps me from doing things. He is a great companion and I love him dearly.

Okay, time to go.

Take Care and Be Safe. Treat all others with Kindness and RESPECT. It is so important now more than ever.

I/We shall remain,

As Always, Carol & Alvin

Second Half of the NEW YEAR

Good Morning All,

Well there have been some changes on Word.Press so bear with me as I stumble through them on this first post.

I do not remember seeing that things were changing.

Hopefully this will turn out okay.

How are you all doing on this Friday morning?

I am feeling great.

My neighbours next to me in the other half of the duplex are tying the knot this weekend in a outdoor (which may be moved indoors if weather changes) ceremony. They will start with a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. I am so excited to participate. The bride and groom will then have a traditional western ceremony followed by a break and then supper provided by a food truck (surprise menu). I have to secure a lawn chair as I realized last night that I only have a short one and being that close to the ground will not allow for me to see much of what is happening and all of my photos would be of the back of someone’s lawn chair. I hope that I am able to get a good vantage point to view the ceremonies and to take photos.

We all know how much I love to take photos.

Last night I did some cleaning up in the garden. Pulled some flowers that were finished and cut the grass in the backyard. I still have some flowers blooming so will leave them for now. It is nice to have flowers so will leave them until they are done. Also tilled the soil in the front garden. It desperately needs some good top soil as the ground is hard and was difficult to till.

Well two sleeps from tonight and my boy comes home. I have missed my little four-legged companion. I hope that he has not forgotten about me.

The sun is rising and the wind is blowing. The colours of the sky are that pale orange, so pretty.

Well as I do not know what is going to happen here.

I am going to sign off. Happy Friday All.

Living with Kindness and Respect for ALL.

I/We shall remain, As Always, Carol & Alvin

Second Half of the NEW YEAR.

Good Tuesday Morning,

Another night without Alvin.

I know he is okay with the kids but I miss him.

It is good for us to be apart once in awhile.

We will appreciate each other all the more upon his return on Sunday.

Through some conversations and reflections, I believe that I have been causing Alvin anxiety since I have been home.

So I am going to try my very best not to let my job get under my skin.

I think that likely a lot of us are feeling this way now.

No matter if you like or love or don’t fancy your job …. we are all experiencing some form of stress or anxiety now.

I will say that our in person team meeting last Thursday helped us all.

We or most of us LOVE working from home and I would like to remain working from home until I retire.

So whatever I can do to make this be a positive experience for both me and Alvin, I am going to do.

My daughter stopped by yesterday on my lunch break to pick up the groceries that “we” forgot to pack into the car after the birthday party on Saturday.

She says that Alvin sleeps through the night until they get up in the morning and he has been doing great.

This is good for both of us.

Although I have never minded being alone …. I will say that the house is empty without the boy.

He is a force that is for sure.

Tuesday already and I have some things that I wanted to do this week so I guess I had better get the show on the road.

Tonight my girl friends are coming over and we are going to work on our “diamond paintings.”

It will nice to have them over.

I have some yard work to do.

When I opened the blinds in our bedroom this morning I saw that the sidewalks were wet.

I was not expecting rain.

The patio furniture still has the cushions out as I had not put them away.

Oh well.

I left the kitchen window open.

Luckily it was not a hard rain or coming in on an angle.

A nice rain is okay for us in the city but I hope that the farmers did not have rain as they are right in the midst of harvest.

My brother that lives in the country has been helping out some farmers with their combining.

So I hope it did not rain out there.


I was watching the weather channel last night before bed – trying to see what Saturday’s weather will be for the wedding.

They always switch it to something so I did not have the patience to wait.

I also noticed that yesterday in weather history ….. parts of Alberta had huge amounts of ….. should I say the word ….perhaps not.

Starts with a S and ends with a W and is four letters in total.

I am going to check my blog from last year and see if we had any??

Don’t remember.

That is the beauty of being Canadian we seldom remember the weather from year to end.


Well it is almost time to head on downstairs and have my first cup of coffee and perhaps start work a few minutes early.

Get organized.

I wish you an awesome day.

The sky out the office window kind of looks overcast so maybe this will be a rainy day.

I hope that the skies are clear on all the farms.

Live your life with kindness and respect.

Help when you are able and always do your best.


Living my life with kindness and respect.

As Always, Carol & Alvin


P.S. last year it was sunny and warm, Edmonton did not have the S–W that other areas of Alberta experienced.

Also I had put all of my patio furniture away and was cleaning up the flower pots already in preparation for winter.


Second Half of the Year

Good Monday Morning.

The sky is overcast and calling for light rain showers as I ponder whether or not we should walk.

I think when we are ready – if not raining – we shall go.

What a perfectly beautiful Sunday – Mr. Alvin and I enjoyed.

I was putting away the laundry upstairs when I heard Alvin bark from the backyard.

I knew it would not be long before he called …. as I was on my way downstairs to let him him, the front doorbell rang.

Answering the door on the way down I found my neighbours on the other side of the door.

Letting them into the house, I explained quickly as I walked to the back door to let the boy into the house.

Funny how the Universe works.

All weekend I had signs that “great/wonderful news” was on its’ way to me.

My neighbour Jessica said that they had been waiting all weekend for the time when they would both be able to come over to share their news.

They are getting married on October 3, 2020.

In fact, my daughter and son-in-law were married in October.

She said that they wanted to let me know and to invite me to to their wedding.

I was over the moon as I shared about the Universe sending me message all weekend.

They said engaged for seven years and that it was their ten year anniversary so it was time.

I told them how similar their story was to my own daughter.

I feel like their Mom next door.

Such a wonderful young couple.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many awesome people.

Young, old and everywhere in between.

I have the best neighbours, neighbourhood on the planet.

Funny how things work sometimes.

So I have a wedding to go to in October, I am so excited.

It has been many years since I attended a wedding.


Here are the photos of my backyard sanctuary.

My happy place.

Our happy place.

The place that Alvin and I love to be our backyard and our home.

I love how the sunlight hits in very cool and unusual ways.

What an awesome Sunday.



Yes, I am writing.

The book is coming along.

Of course, I just started but it feels like I have come so far.

So excited.

I cannot wait for it to be complete so that I can share with everyone.


Continuing to live my life with kindness and respect.

I hope that you are surrounded by kindness and respect and pay it forward each day.

We can do this ….

We can get through this…

We can make it happen.


I/We shall remain,

As Always, Carol & Alvin

Living … One day at a time.


Beautiful Sunday morning.

Alvin and I were up early and just came back from a walk.

As we walked around the ponds in the park, I for a moment closed my eyes.

I could feel the cool breeze lightly dancing on my face.

I could hear the boom of the water from the fountain as it rushed up and then down.

I could hear the chirping of birds as they enjoyed the early morning.

I could smell the roses ….. the fragrance from heaven.

What a glorious walk.

Made me dream of walks like this everyday.


It wasn’t until we were away from the water that I noticed in the field (houses back onto) in the park …. a bunch of birds were flying about.

As I looked more closely I saw this big bag of garbage in the field.

A small flock of sea gulls, crows and magpies were ripping through the bag scattering garbage all over the field.

What a nice sight for those folks to awake to.

As we walked around on the sidewalk I noticed some garbage outside of that area …. a smaller bag …. so I grabbed a poop bag and squeezed it in..


From beauty to not.

All within a few moments.

As we keeping motoring on …. water bottle, garbage and Alvin, in tow.

I noticed as we came out of the park – another garbage bag ripped open littering the street.

Not sure why folks would put their trash out several days before the garbagemen arrive.

OH well.

I did pick up what I could …..

I did my small part.


On a lighter note.

These photos tell the story.

Alvin had his supper before these photos up insisted upon having some veg.

So I gave him this big head of broccoli.

He was sitting at the back door looking at me with the broccoli in his mouth.

By the time I could grab my phone/camera ….. these were the best shots I could get.

I only wished that you could have seen him at first …. looked like a green soother in his mouth.

That is my boy …..  silly.


My grand pups did not spend the afternoon/evening with us after all.

Their parents thought less stress for Miss Aspen to stay at home.

She needs to have GRAVOL to travel.

Poor girl.

Alvin does not love car rides either.

I get it.

We did have an unexpected visit from the kids after the ceremony.

The ceremony was held close by at the DEVONIAN GARDENS.

Teddy did join us for the day.

We had fun.

We had a walk just after he arrived before the heat of the day set in.

Quiet evening…..

Watched a movie.


Well the girls are coming for coffee this morning.

We had better have breakfast here …. I got sidetracked putting away some things in my office.


Have an awesome Sunday.

Looks like another hot one on the way.


Remember KINDNESS and RESPECT make for better todays and tomorrows.


Always, Carol & Alvin

Living … One day at a time.


Welcome to the weekend.

So excited.

We had a huge rainstorm with booming thunder and lots of light up the sky lightning.

Woke us up.

Alvin wanted to go outside.

So just as it started to hail …. Ma in her summer nightie and coat ran out in the hail to move her flowers.

I only have four pots this year in the backyard and I did not want them to get flatten.

Ended up that the hail was quite small … about pea sized and appears that did not do much damage.

The puddles are still visible this morning as I look out the window of my office.

One of the neighbours does not have an actual paved driveway so obviously the dirt will puddle.

After work my daughter and I went to COSTCO.

I don’t mind checking things out.

She is happy that now her Ma has a cell …. she cannot lose me.

Sometimes we use to lose each other and then it could take a long time to locate the other.

After arriving at home, we split some items and my daughter left for home.

I put the groceries away and then made a beautiful salad for supper.

One of our friends called to invite us for for a visit in their backyard.

They live down the street and have the nicest backyard.

First photos Alvin was patiently waiting for my friend’s husband to come out to the backyard.

He loves him so much.

I will say that most of the time Alvin was either laying on the swing between us girls or rolling around in the grass.

I tried to play frisbee with him although once or twice he tried to pick it up ….. he did not quite get it.

I guess you cannot always teach old dogs new tricks.

He did run around like a crazy pup when I pretended to be a monster (like we do on the deck at home).

He ran back and forth and had a blast.

The grass is so lush and beautiful.


Well I guess we need to end this post as Teddy will be here shortly.

I still have to put in the first load of laundry.

I had planned to do laundry last night but then received the invite.

We were happy to be invited out so we grabbed the opportunity.

Then breakfast and coffee.

Always need that cup of coffee.


Have an awesome Saturday.

This afternoon my grand pups arrive.

They will stay with us while their parents attend a wedding in the City.


So happy to be spending the day with the pups.

I will take Alvin and Teddy for a walk before the others arrive.

Not able to take all four.


Remember Kindness and Respect will bring you the world.

Always, Carol & Alvin & soon Teddy …..

Living … One day at a time.


Well the sky is more sunshine than not.

It is lovely outside this morning and temperatures to soar to about 24 today.

Doing the HAPPY DANCE.


Last night after work Alvin and walked over to his Doctor to pick up some food, a bag of treats and his glucosamine.

The air was heavy with blue sky and I had some regret about wearing a sweater.

But the sweater provided two pockets for things that I needed to have with me.

Oh well, I survived.

I decided on the way home that I would just stop at the house and drop off our purchases and then walk over to our friend’s house.

To check on her flowers.

With all of the rain that we have had … they did need a little top up …. a little drink.

I happily did this for them.

Alvin was running around the yard …. enjoying the grass.

Her flowers are crazy amazing.

Every colour under the rainbow.


So I still have an ant problem.

Perhaps it takes a few weeks for these home mixtures to work?


I cut the back lawn after 9:00 p.m. – not bad neighbour as I have a push mower – no motor except for mine and I can guarantee everyone that it was not loud.


I got brave and put out some of the patio cushions.

The furniture looked so bare for such a long time – I just had to.


Alvin and I enjoyed some quiet time together inside and out.

First time in a long time we actually sat outside on the deck.


Well it is Friday.

I am glad for the weekend.

Tonight after work my daughter is picking me up and we are heading to COSTCO.

I actually like going there ….. nice to check things out.

There will be laundry in my future tonight.

Tomorrow Master Teddy will be joining us for the day and then in the afternoon my grand-pups will be joining us.

Their Mom & Dad have a wedding to attend.

So me and the pups tomorrow.

So excited.


Well remember as always ….. live each day with kindness and respect.

It works.


Happy Friday.


Yes, it is…..


Always, with love & respect Carol & Alvin


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