Thought for the day……

Happy January 2nd, 2012 and it is Monday.  One more day off before heading back to the office.

I worked at my part-time job yesterday and,  was amazed at how many people were out shopping.

The mall was packed and it seemed to be as busy as it was on the 23rd of December.

I did ask some people why they were out on January 1st …. shopping.

Some replied:  “for the exercise as they were tired of sitting around … eating” ….

Some were there for the sale thinking that the mall would be quiet …. (big surprise).

No matter what the reason they were happy to be finding great sales (stretching their dollars even further).

So that made me happy.  I love working at the mall …… talking to people.

Almost every shift that I work at the mall there is always someone from Saskatchewan so it makes me feel closer to my old home, family and friends.

Yesterday there were some friends that had come to Edmonton for the weekend to do some shopping.

They even  knew where Windthorst, Corning, Glenavon and Kipling were, and one of the girls was from Wolseley, I was so excited.

Also one of my friends from my neighbourhood whom I had not seem since last summer was in the store (so that was great).

I ended up putting in an extra couple of hours because we were so busy (no one had expected it).

So it was good for everyone.

So on my last day of the long weekend ….. I am going to take down the Christmas tree, put away the decorations from all over the house (inside only), do some laundry, return a phone call and perhaps make one or two, wash the floors and enjoy coffee with my daughter.  So it will be a great day.  Even slept in extra late this morning (8:30 is a huge difference from my usual up time of 5:00).

Special Hello to everyone in Saskatchewan ……. have an extra great day.

P.S. if you are ever in Edmonton …. come and see if I am working at Bath & Body Works at West Ed.  I would love to see you.

Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

Another great weekend.  The icing on the cake was a visit from one of my sisters “Diana” from Regina along with daughter Danielle and her daughter Hayleigh.  It was their first time meeting Alvin.  Amanda came over, too.  We had a grand visit.  They came on a shopping trip to West Ed.  Popular place, that mall.  I am so blessed to have so many dear friends that are more like family than friends.  Today be thankful, be grateful for all those amazing friends and family in your life.  I sure am.

I am on my way there today to work for a short shift.  YAY.  I love meeting all the customers that come in from everywhere.  I have met people from every corner of the planet.  So wonderful.

Have a great Sunday.


Always, Carol

Thought for the day……

I just have to share this with all of you.  Yesterday after work I was waiting to catch the bus.  It was very hot, and you could definitely feel it standing on the sidewalk with the hot asphalt melting nearby.  While waiting and wondering about the bus schedule as it had recently changed,  I got to chatting with a nice woman.  Somehow during the course of the conversation she asked me the following question?  “So, what country are you from?”  Well, I darn near broke out into a small bout of laughter but I contained myself.  I replied “Saskatchewan” ….. you know Alberta’s neighbour. She smiled and I thought to myself this is truly a “multiculturalist society” …  How grand!    Just for that conversation, and that question alone made waiting in the hot sun for the bus worthwhile.  I wished that I would have thought quickly enough to have asked her that very question.  We continued chatting until the bus arrived, and then stood from downtown to West Ed Mall.  It was hot but I smiled to myself the whole time. I was just thinking that I do not even have to travel to a foreign country to have someone think that I am a foreigner.

Thought for the day …… “sometimes all you have to do is wait for a bus” ……

Have a great great Friday…

Always, Carol

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