Thought for the day …..

Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday the 24th day of December, 2017.

Christmas Eve has arrived.

It has arrived with a subtleness that can only be this day.

I love Christmas Eve ….. the final preparations are made in anticipation of the BIG day.

We now have quite the blanket of snow so it will definitely be a WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Also means shovelling for millions of us.

Likely a bit of exercise is good before we start to consume HUGE amounts of foods.

It is always the SWEETS that get me this time of year.

There have been years where I was strict with myself and did not OVERDO the amazing sweets that surround us this time of year.

But that is Christmas.

Alvin and I are pretty much ready for Christmas.

My kids are sleeping over this evening so they will have the master bedroom and we will go to the guest room.

So I will just move my clothes and bathroom stuff over.

Changed the bedding a few minutes ago.

One quick dust, vacuum, and that is done.

Just that last minute make sure everything is perfect for company.

As I was writing this blog, I could hear a noise and ran to my bedroom to see my neighbour out shovelling our walks out front.

We share shovelling in the winter and mowing grass in the summer.

She is a great young woman who could be my daughter.

I love her as if she were my own.

My daughter is fond of her as well.

Me and Alvin and fortunate to have her as a neighbour.

She has lived next door (not in the other half of the duplex) since I moved to Edmonton in 2009.

I am grateful for the less snow to shovel as my hand is not really up for lots of shovelling.

I did move some of the snow around on the deck last night and it is light and fluffy which makes it a whole bunch easier.

Well I should go as I am hosting coffee for my hard working neighbour in a few minutes.


I want to wish you and your family the most glorious Christmas of all.

May you be surrounded by never ending love and laughter.

May your health be perfect now and forever.

May you keep an extra plate on your table as a reminder of those in need and spend the rest of the year helping those in need.

Give kindness and compassion now and all the days of your life.

It seems as we continue to occupy this planet that there are more folks in need of clean water, food and a safe place to live.

Let us make 2018 the year that we ALL come together and help each other with no blame, ignorance or hate.


Merry Christmas from our Home to Yours.

Special Hello to: all my family, friends and fellow bloggers.

Always, Carol & Alvin


Just a couple of my favourite photos – not recent.


Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday, the 20th day of December, 2013.

Well guess what …. it is SNOWING again.

I must admit that I am not surprised.

Seems like it is warmer out as well.

Sure is coming down now.

I am listening to Christmas music and when I heard “I am dreaming of a white Christmas” ……

I had an idea to rewrite it as it does not apply this year …..

More like “I am dreaming of no more snow for Christmas as we have enough” ……. thank you.


On this 20th day of December and only 5 sleeps till Santa arrives.

Did you bake something special for Santa?

He likes chocolate chip cookies, I seem to remember.

Well time to get my day rolling ….

Mr. Alvin has a vet appointment to get his shots, nails trimmed and an exam.

He has been restless all morning so perhaps he knows.

He really likes the staff ….. just not getting his nails trimmed….. he can be such a DIVA.

Then I have a Christmas party at my friend’s house down the street.

Tonight I work at the store and that is one full day.

Perhaps in between there will be time for cleaning a bit otherwise it will be tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Thank you for reading.

Special Hello to: my sister and nephew who are on the road again …. safe trip ……

Always, Carol and Alvin

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