Alvin …..

Just had to share a something cute.  Alvin always follows me around the house.  I have been back and forth to the office all day and just a few minutes ago decided to open the window.  I have an ottoman sitting beneath the window so that Alvin can lay down on something “soft” when he is with me.  The other day he jumped up on his hind legs and with front paws on the window ledge he looked out the window.  It was so cute and of course, I did not have my camera with me at the time.  This time when he jumped up … I jumped up and ran downstairs to get my camera.  Of course, he got down.  After some gentle coaxing he got up to the window once again and I was able to capture it on video and a couple of photos.  So here is one of the photos.  Will make you smile.  He loves to look out the window ….. especially if company is coming….

Lookin' Out the Window.....

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