Who knew – ground flaxseed and stuff.

I was reading a book on eating healthy and came across some valuable information.  As I am a giving person, I wanted to share this with all of you.  Ground flaxseed, two tablespoons daily will help keep you regular.  If you are having issues with that aspect of your daily regime give it a shot, also is good to help you lose weight.  I have read this in several places that studies have shown that anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds of waste can be retained in the colon.  Now isn’t that a dreadful thought.  No wonder we have a tough time losing those last few pounds.  So I am going to pick up some ground flaxseed, and give it a try.  I will keep you posted.

Now that I have made yet another lifestyle change …… (no dairy, no meat and no fish)……. am working on the no sugar as well.  I do feel better and have lost some weight.  This past winter (quit smoking last November) saw a few pounds find their way onto my body.  I know this because when I went to wear some of my summer clothes, arg they did not FIT.  But I am pleased to say that they do now.  Perhaps a bit more snug than I would like but the pounds are coming off.  I find walking Alvin twice a day for 40 minutes each time doesn’t hurt.

Okay, perhaps I got sidetracked ….. didn’t this start out with “ground flaxseed”.  LOL.  I have found once you hit fifty – it is even easier to get sidetracked.  Although I think that my kids would tell you that I have been getting “sidetracked” for some time now.  LOL.  Isn’t life grand?

I have found some wonderful plant based recipes and will share them with you.

I might have mentioned this before but I have a doggie that loves veggies especially “carrots”, “broccoli” and “cauliflower” and we share an apple at noon.

Have a great day everyone!

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