Thought for the day…..

Good Morning and Welcome to Monday the 31st and final day of March, 2014.

Ah, the last day ever of March, 2014.

Here we are at the end of the third month of 2014.

How has this year been for you thus far?

Are you working on your bucket list?

Did you make resolutions for the New Year?

Are you dreaming big?

Did you make a TO DO List for the New Year?

Whatever you are doing …. at least you are moving forward.

Now isn’t that a great direction to be going?

My daughter gave me some life and business calendars for this New Year.

I partially completed them …..

I plan to pull them out this week and start writing.

You have to start somewhere.

I did do something that was on my recent TO DO List and that was to SKYPE with my sister.

Last night as soon as I got home from work (stopped by and picked up Alvin from his sister’s house and walked home, exercise for us both, YAY) I put supper in the oven and called my sister.

She filled me in on all the things that they did while vacationing in VEGAS recently and the temperatures.

So great to talk to her ….. get caught up with everything back “home.”

No matter what the size of something that you crossed off your list just remember this “it is still something.”

I hope that you keep making lists and dreaming and crossing items off the list.

Have a great last day of March, 2014.

YAHOO ….. now APRIL.

I hope that April will be filled with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine.

Special Hello to: my family …. I miss you all.

Always, Carol and Alvin


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